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Étra (エトラ etora) is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who debuted on 02 September 2019. She is an original character that initially appeared on the episodic videos of the Moemi and Yomemi channel, but also has her own channel.

Introduction Video



Étra's introduction.


Étra is an Alien that traveled from the future with the goal of becoming the Top Virtual Youtuber and launching the "Survival Strategy". Any additional information is classified.


Étra seems to be bossy and self-confident despite her mood swings. She likes to flaunts her chest size and curvaceous figure (to the delight of Eilene and the dismay of Moemi and Yomemi), which is always a gag on her videos. Despite pretending to be brave, she is an scaredy cat who is afraid of being alone and in the dark. Étra also has a self-destruct button disguised as one of her hairpins.


  • Étra's background has several themes in common with Eilene's previous project for DUO (now Zizai), the well known Mirai Akari. Both are time travelers from the future, both have memory loss due to traveling in time and both are known for their alluring designs.
  • At the end of every video featuring her, in a section appropiately called "Declassfied information on Étra (公開可能な情報 koukai kanouna jouhou)" snippets about her personality, interesting facts and mission are shown.
  • Étra was a guest on Moemi's first livestream on 11 December 2019 [1].
  • Due to the episodic and comedic nature of the videos, many of the information on Étra is inconsequential, it has no sense and it varies from one video to another.
  • That's why the real mission of Étra and her memories are different in any single of her appearances.
  • On 18 May 2020, Étra announced on her Twitter account the opening of her own YouTube channel[2].

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