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2wintails is an Australian VTuber who streams in English. She debuted on 29 April 2020. She mainly streams art, 3D and live 2D model making, and various games.

Introduction Video



2wintails's introduction.


Due to 2win's bulging mitochondria, she possesses the ability to alter her form at will with limited limitations. There are three primary forms which 2win has been known to inhabit over the past century.

Modern 2win

modern 2win:

nowadays 2wintails takes the form of a humanoid fox, standing 142 cm (4'8"), or 157 cm (5'2") including ears, with Pink hair/fur, wide green eyes devoid of pupils, large wavy ears, and a pair of tails that appear deceptively floofy. She is often dressed in a red kimono, white obi, with pink gold and green accents. Sometimes she is seen wearing a white fox mask with red accents.

2D 2wintails

Her color scheme now is primarily pink/red + white/green

A winter variant of her default costume was revealed on December 2020. Changing her colour scheme to shade and tints of blues and white as well as the patterns on her kimono-like dress .

old 2win / dino-2win:

2wintails' defining feature was her fluffy white hair worn in a twin-tail hairstyle. She had bright red eyes and a permanently smug expression. She had two horns protruding from her forehead and a large lizard tail, both with red gradients.


Her color scheme was primarily red/black/white then.


2win-kai is a variation of dino-2win in which she would grow an extra pair of horns, her hair would grow to hip length, and her height would swell to almost 900 ft.


2win's tail scan

2wintails was hatched from a fossilized egg in 1912. At first she was classified under a genus that had gone extinct in the paleolithic era, however her seemingly perpetual youth and unprecedented lifespan has inspired a reevaluation of that assignment, at this time it is clear that she is not suitably described by any current taxonomical system we currently possesses. This is primarily due to a number of poorly understood phenomena likely involving her Mitochondrial Organs.

Among these phenomena is one of interest which results in the capacity to concentrate enough energy to generate an interference pattern that resonates with the simulation of reality, allowing her to reconstruct her anatomical constitution through the manipulation polygonal quanta. Through this curious ability, she can manipulate her anatomical features, within the bounds of the laws of conservation.

Initially 2wintails took on a large bipedal humanoid appearance at 600 feet tall, presenting red irises and white, shoulder-length hair usually in twin-ponytails. in her early years, she possessed a large lizard tail and two horns which sprouted from her forehead and are suspected to be the original manifestation of the mystical mitochondrial organs.


in her later youth there were incidents reported where her height approached 900 feet, her hair would spontaneously grow to hip-length, and she would sprout a second pair of horns. This variation of her appearance was the earliest demonstration of her capacity for anatomical reconstruction and was commonly referred to as her 2win-kai form.

After a period of working as an internet entertainer, 2wintails took the form of a fox which possesses a pair of tails which conceal her engorged mitochondrial structures.

Other noteworthy observations include her remarkable longevity and youthfulness. While the process is not yet understood, her cells appear to be capable of repairing damaged telomere ends, staving the effects of aging for extended periods. Whether this is related to the mitochondrial masses or not is unknown.

Despite her seemingly perpetual youth however, her poor memory, aching joints, slow reflexes, and easily confused nature have earned her the title of "Granny."


Biology and Nature

  • 2wintails has the ability to unhinge her jaw as demonstrated
  • She may clone herself, Whether this is an illusion or they have a material form is unknown.
  • On 8 April 2021 as response to Twitch viewers asking for hugs in which she generally dislikes she added the "hug" redeem
  • 2wintails very rarely uses the Japanese interjection あら(ara) It being the most expensive channel points redeem of 1000000.
  • She can transform into which has been described as a "Sleep paralysis demon".
  • Her paws are actually gloves.
  • when angered she will pull a gun on you and start insulting you threatening to kill you.

Likes and Hobbies

  • Occasionally she likes to play the kazoo. This was previously a channel points redeem in where a member of chat may request a song for her to play.
  • Some of her favourite video games are Gravity Rush, Nier: Automata and Odin Sphere.

Other Facts

  • She has made avatars for other VTubers such as Shimo Hisae, Violet Dragoness, himedae, ELHmk1, and CafePotion.
  • She has been to Japan 4 times.
  • The stonks, they only go up.
  • She is a masochist when it comes to rpgs never giving up as she dies over and over again it's inspirational at this point.

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