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A-Kun is a Filipino V-Tuber that streams on both YouTube and Twitch. His content is mostly in English. He also creates YouTube videos on a wide variety of anime games and topics, including V-Tuber reviews.


A-Kun's personality on the outside is that of a "cultured" Weeb, often making references to doujinshis and similar topics. He likes to joke around and make his audience laugh. However, behind his mask of irony he is genuine and heartfelt, sharing his personal thoughts and feelings. He actively engages with his chat, making sure to answer questions and take feedback.



A-Kun has created YouTube videos since March 2018. However, he only started streaming regularly during September 2020. He revealed his new (and current) model on March 14, 2021 during a 3rd anniversary stream. He had no official debut.


  • Two of A-Kun's favorite Waifus are HK416 from Girl's Frontline and Z23 from Azur Lane. They have been mentioned lovingly several times in his content.
  • He claims to have a crippling Gacha addiction, something which also comes up often in content.