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AdmiralBahroo (or simply Bahroo) is a male English Vtuber and Streamer. He is independently produced and is not currently affiliated with any Twitch Teams. He debuted as a V-Tuber on April 2, 2021.[1] He is best known for his chatting and XCOM streams.

Introduction Video


AdmiralBahroo Streams - Just Chatting -16- & XCOM 2 -16- -4-2-2021-

Bahroo's introduction.


Bahroo's appearance consists of a small panda with large eyes. This panda is carried by a tall woman wearing a black hoodie that drapes over her elbows. The woman's eyes are blue, and she has long, light-brown hair that is tied behind her head with a pink ribbon.


Bahroo is a calm, collected streamer who rarely slips into any hype or excitement that his streams produce, often giving him a cool atmosphere in even the most tense of situations.



Prior to his debut, Bahroo was already a widely known Twitch streamer who never used any facecam. He'd already gained the rank of Twitch partner, and amassed over 800,000 followers on Twitch before becoming a Vtuber. He held his debut on 2 April, 2021, and his debut featured a reveal of his model and all of its features, as well as his first time streaming XCOM with his new Live2D model.

Fanbase and Mascots

  • Bahroo's fans are known as the Pandas, and are also considered his children. They can sometimes be called his "subber duckies", making reference to his duck outfit.
  • The panda that Bahroo personifies is named Umeru, a small panda that is cared for, and carried, by a woman named Sam.


  • He is good friends with fellow VTuber Momo.
  • The creator of his current avatar, as well as fellow Vtuber, DyaRikku is referred to as both his and all of his viewers' mother. This title, though, has quickly changed to Grandma, or Granba.


  • Bahroo sometimes wears a duckling onesie, which leads many to often joke that he is in fact not a panda, but a duck.
  • Bahroo's subscribers do not pay with money, but exclusively in Jade.


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