Akabane Youko (赤羽葉子) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and a member of Nijisanji (formerly of Nijisanji Gamers).

An 18-year-old high school third year. Despite dressing and behaving like a gyaru at school, Youko is actually an otaku in secret and loves anime, manga, video games, and yuri.[1]

Introduction Video



  Youko's introduction.




Her Twitter account was opened on 24 April 2018 while her YouTube channel was created on 2 May although she did not start her activity on YouTube until her self introduction video uploaded on 19 May.


On 3 April, it was announced that Akabane Youko, along with three other members of Nijisanji (namely Dola, Rindou Mikoto, and Sasaki Saku), would be getting an update to their 2D model.[2] On 7 April, she showcased her updated model in a stream.[3]


  • She has not been very active, averaging about one video per month.

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