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Akio Isogai (磯貝 明夫) is an armless Filipino Vtuber, he makes controversial youtube content which commonly involves collaborating with other Filipino VTubers in streams and videos. He is currently not cancelled yet.


He wears a black long sleeved shirt that is knotted in both ends of the sleeve and a choker with a bell. On his head is a broken kitsune mask (left side is missing), and red contact lenses.

He lacks arms.




On the 12th of July, he debuted on YouTube as an independent VTuber.

On the 11th of September, he uploaded a video called "Jakol"

On the 20th of November, he streamed #50VTuberChaos which was a collab between 50 PHVTubers to stream non-stop until Lyrica arrived.


On the start of 2021, he was on hiatus for an unknown reason.

On the 28th of March, he returned with a Hentai Review for overflow.

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