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Akira Ray (Korean: 아키라 레이 / Japanese: 明楽レイ) is a female Korean Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI's Korean branch, NIJISANJI KR, debuting as part of its third wave, along with Nun Bora and Lee Roha, forming the trio known as "Purple Tone" (音色は紫, Neiro wa murasaki).

Introduction Video


【初配信】とにかくがんばります!!열심히 하겠습니다!!! 【NIJISANJI KR】

Akira's Introduction.


A Japanese student studying in Virtual Seoul. She likes to talk to people so she wants to make friends with more people. She dream of becoming friends with the whole planet regardless of nationality, gender, dependent animals, plants. She has the idea of not wanting to be an adult forever, and she is wearing a school uniform as a hobby.[1]


Akira's personality seems different from her appearance. She is very passionate and has considerable confidence when playing the game. Her voice is also quite mature and somewhat different from her appearance that looks calm and like a shy girl.



Akira Ray created her YouTube Channel on 30 July 2020, and made her Debut on 7 August 2020 along with the rest of NIJISANJI KR's third wave. Her Twitter account was also created in the same month.


  • Her fans are called: "Kurasumeito" (クラス明ト)
    • It seems to be a pun on "classmate" (クラスメイト; kurasumeito in Japanese).
    • It is most likely that the Akira fans name is one of the fans names that use Japanese in Korean NIJISANJI.


  • Notable units within NIJISANJI:
    • "音色は紫" (Neiro wa Murasaki, Purple tone) - Nun Bora, Lee Roha, and Akira Ray.
  • Color: #A9CEEC[1]
  • Preferences:
    • Things she finds cute: NIJISANJI KR's third wave, funny things, weird stuff, animals, eating
    • Foods:
      • Ramen
      • Menma
      • Sushi
      • Oyster
      • Cheesecake
      • Mont Blanc
      • Chocolate cake
      • Red Velvet

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