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Akumi (あくみ), also known as Yoclesh, is a female independent Virtual Twitch streamer that debuted on 29 May 2021.

Introduction Video


AkumiOni - Debut VOD【VTuber】

Akumi's introduction.


Many decades ago Akumi was conjured through hatred in the world. She appeared only in wars and fights and knew nothing but killing. When the days of her existence came close to an end, she began to question if this was all what life had to offer. Rai, a god from another world decided to save her from this nightmare to show her what life is really about and sent her to Earth in a new humanoid body.




Her Twitter account was created on October 2020 and her YouTube Channel was created in 2 July 2012.




  • She is from Germany while her parents are both from Germany[2]
  • She primarily speaks English but she can also speak German and Russian.[2]
  • She claims to be a vegetarian, however she does eat fish on rare occasions which would make her a pescatarian.[2]
  • She likes Fruits and Vegetables, Drawing, Singing, Video Games, and Anime[2]
  • She dislikes Spiders, Ticks, and Shield bugs, the Cold, Artist Crisis, and Unfinished Things[2]
  • Her favorite food is Rice with Mango Curry[2]
  • Her favorite animal is Cats & Wolves[2]
  • Her favorite beverage is either Fruit Smoothies or Bubble Tea[2]
  • Her favorite fruit is Pomegranate & Strawberries[2]
  • Her favorite snack is Potato Chips[2]
  • Her goals are to have a Merchstore, to improve on her singing and art skills, to meet lots of cool people and have Vtuber Collabs, to Start her Youtube activity, to increase her Patreon activity, to make more Vtuber babies, have her own original songs, and to have singing collabs.[2]

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