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Alice Mana (有栖マナ) is a female Korean/Japanese Virtual YouTuber who was part of Project Paryi and then joined the agency 541 E&C. She is a Korean fox who is studying the Japanese language.

Introduction Video


『Vtuber』아리스 마나입니다(๑ ́ᄇ`๑)

Mana's introduction.




Mana's YouTube channel was created on 21 July, 2018. Her Twitter account was made in July 2018. Her first video was uploaded on 18 August, 2018.


On 10 June, Mana joined 541 E&C, along with ENA, who was also part of Project Paryi. Both of them received new models when joining the agency.[1]


On 25 January, when 541 E&C announced they were merging with Nijisanji KR, Mana, ENA and Lucia announced that they would take a one month break to decide whether they would join Nijisanji KR or graduate.[2]
On 25 February, she, along with fellow 541 E&C members ENA and Lucia, graduated.[3]
On 26 February, Mana and ENA's graduation streams was held on Paryi's channel which became an member-only stream.[4]

On 2nd September, Alice Mana came back on Bilibili.


On the 10th of July, she came back on Twitter, and announced her re-debut on Youtube on the 13th of July, with a new design by Aoi Nabi.


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