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Alina Witch (Алина Вич) is a female Russian Virtual Youtuber. Before her debut as a VTuber, she used to make Russian YouTube Poop videos and simple animations.

Introduction video


All Russian VTubers in 10 minutes(english subtitles included)

Alina Witch's introduction.


Alina usually swears and tells dirty jokes, dark jokes, incest jokes, etc. She is probably the darkest one among all Russian VTubers, or maybe all VTubers.


  • "I can say that I took a great shit today. But does that make me a person?"
  • "You will be fucked"
  • "Give a thumbs up, put your hands on table, and make your cone sit down("Standing cone" means erected penis). Or its too late?"

Catchphrases and slang

  • "Oru(I am screaming)": ROFL.
  • "Krizhovnik(gooseberry)": Сringe.


  • All of her videos have English subtitles.
  • The English word for "witch" in Russian sounds like "ВИЧ"(HIV), and Alina is not afraid to use this pun.
  • Her hobbies are watching anime, drawing, playing on piano and guitar.
  • Her favorite RYTP(Russian YouTube Poop) maker is iMiles.
  • She also wants to do music, aside from her usual Vtuber activities.
  • Alina Witch is friends with Comdost. Comdost was a guest in Alina's video and Alina made a remix for Comdost, as a present to her birthday.
  • In 2020, during Alina's Birthday Stream, Vtubers such as Earth Chan, Fukushima Genshiro, Comdost, Ivanka, Anna-Chan, Planya, and Ursula Williams made an appearance to celebrate.

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