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Amane Kanata (天音かなた) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its fourth generation of VTubers alongside Tsunomaki Watame, Tokoyami Towa, Kiryu Coco and Himemori Luna.

Introduction Video


【 天音かなた初配信】初めまして。【ホロライブ4期生 新人Vtuber】

Kanata's introduction.


"Hey, you all came, ta!"

An angel from the Celestial Academy. She is now studying how to heal people. To hide her shyness, she pretends to be cool.[9]

An angel from the Angelic-Realm Institution. She is now studying how to heal people.

To hide her shyness, she pretends to be cool.[10]


Kanata is an angelic denizen currently studying at the Heaven Academy to become a full-fledged angel. She is currently 18 years old. (She specifies that this is her "angel age," but has stated in past streams that this is the same as her human age.)

Kanata is extremely sweet, polite, friendly and demure. She is somewhat more quiet and reserved when compared to her contemporaries in hololive's fourth generation, and her sense of humor generally tends to be less crass or vulgar.

However, she admits she has a playfully "sadistic" streak to her,[11] which usually manifests in her teasing her audience or playing pranks on her fellow hololive members. She has also admitted that she is markedly shy and that she sometimes tries to conceal this with a "cool facade" when around other people.[12] Kanata has also been noted by viewers as genuinely somewhat innocent and even a little naive, leading to viewers becoming (jokingly) concerned that she may be "corrupted" by other hololive members such as Kiryu Coco or Natsuiro Matsuri.

She greets her viewers with "KonKanataaan!"


She typically wears her Heaven Academy school uniform along with a small, shiny, metallic halo over her head that resembles the shape of a star (sometimes compared to a shuriken by fans). This same four-pointed star-shape is also seen on her uniform's buttons. The high collar of her school uniform frequently conceals part of her face. Her uniform's ribbon is consistently uneven/lopsided. Gaps in her bangs reveal that she has cobalt-blue highlights. Kanata also has two feathered wings which can be seen over her shoulders, as is typical of angels (in several episodes of AsaCoco Live News Kiryu Coco has found innovative uses for the feathers they produce).



Kanata was introduced along with the rest of the fourth gen on 25 December 2019.[13] Her Twitter account was created on November 2019, while her first tweet was made on 25 December,[14] while her YouTube channel was created on 4 December and her debut stream was made on 27 December.


On 9 February after being rejected for monetization from the start, her channel became monetizable.[15][16]

On 1 July, she announced during a stream that she would get her 3D model, this was later reconfirmed on her Twitter account.[17][18]

On 5 July, she debuted her 3D model during a stream being the second of her generation to do so after Kiryu Coco.[19]

On 24 November, she reached 500,000 YouTube subscribers, being the 24th hololive member to do so.

On 29 December, hololive's Twitter accounts announced that eight of their members would get "New year" costumes, Kanata being one of them.[20]


On 1 January, she debuted her second 2D costume, a new year kimono during a stream.[21]

On 15 January, she reached 600,000 YouTube subscribers.[22]

On 14 February, Kanata announced on her Twitter account that the members of the 4th generation would get their 3D idol costumes.[23]

On 15 February, she debuted her 3D idol costume.[24]

On 22 February, she reached 700,000 YouTube subscribers.[25]

On 28 April, she reached 800,000 YouTube subscribers.[26]

On 30 April, hololive's Twitter account announced that Towa, Kanata and Watame would get their third 2D costumes.[27]

On 5 May, Kanata debuted her third 2D costume, in this costume Kanata has two different hairstyles both with longer hair that her standard outfit, her outfit consist of "Patterns" according to her character designer Oshio, pattern 1 consist of her wearing a white beret with a four point star reminiscent of her four point "halo," she wears a black dress that changes color to blue at the end of the skirt, Kanata uses asymmetric socks one black and one with different shades of blue. Her dress is complement with a white jacket with blue decorations. Pattern 2 has the jacket and beret removed and her four point "halo" returns but now is blue instead of golden/yellow however the golden variant can still be seen as she wears a small version of it as a necklace. Kanata can combine both patterns effectively making a lot of more variants possible.[28]

On 18 June, she reached 900,000 YouTube subscribers during a singing endurance stream.[29]

On 27 July, Kanata reached 1,000,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel during a singing endurance stream, making her the 22nd hololive member, as well as the 17th member of hololive JP, to reach this milestone. She is also the third member of the 4th generation to reach it.[30]

On 19 August, Kanata debuted her first original song "Tokusya-Seizon Wonder-la-der!!"[31]

On 27 December, Kanata debuted her second original song "Tenshi no Agape."[32]


On 14 February, Kanata announced that she was tested positive for COVID-19, and had to go on a hiatus from streaming until 23 February.[33] However, her condition hasn't improved since then, prompting her to take an extended hiatus.

On 3 April, Kanata returned temporarily for a sponsored stream, however as she hadn't fully health she announced her return for 16 April.[34][35] This would be further delayed after the passing of a family member.

On 22 April, during her birthday 3D live, she debuted her third original song, "Chuukuu no Niwa."

On 1 May, Kanata debuted her fourth 2D costume. With this costume Kanata got two new hairstyles, called by her designer Oshio "pattern 1" and "pattern 2." Pattern 1 consist of really long twintails, while in pattern 2 Kanata uses loose hair falling a bit below her shoulders, both using "x" shapped hairpins (a decorative element that is present through her clothes). In this outfit Kanata wears a mostly white nurse costume with light blue elements in the edges of the sleeves and skirt, while the edge of her outfit's neck, cleavage and the lower part of her skirt is black. She has bandages in her left forearm and in her right wrist. Kanata uses white high socks and shoes. She has the option to remove her nurse cap, and her arms can be moved up, crossed to the front, can be placed either in front or in the back of her skirt.[36]

On 10 August, as part of the "hololive Summer 2022" event, Kanata debuted her 3D swimsuit. Unlike the original swimsuits from 2019 that had individual designs, these swimsuits are meant to be matching outfits similar to the 3D idol costumes. The swimsuits come in two types one with thin straps for the top and a diagonal cut mini skirt and the other one has ruffled straps in the top and an even mini skirt. Both version are white with varios patterns including hololive's and Holoearth's logos, hearts and sparks. The swimsuits are personalized by including different colors to match each talent. Additionally they have the option to wear a hoodie.[37]


Main page: Amane Kanata/Discography
Tokusya-Seizon Wonder-la-der!! 1st single 19 August 2021    
  1. "Tokusya-Seizon Wonder-la-der!!" (特者生存ワンダラダー!!)
  2. "Tokusya-Seizon Wonder-la-der!!" (instrumental)
Amane Kanata - Tokusya-Seizon Wonder-la-der!! cover.png
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Chuuku No Niwa 3rd single 21 April 2022    
  1. "Chuuku No Niwa" (中空の庭)
  2. "Chuuku No Niwa" (instrumental)
Amane Kanata - Chuuku No Niwa.jpg
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  • On 13 August 2021, hololive's Twitter account announced that 12 members including Kanata (representing the SoftBank HAWKS) would participate in a collaboration with the six professional Japanese baseball teams from the Pacific League, each team represented by two hololive members. The collaboration include promotional merchandise that could be brought, including hats, posters, keychains, among others, also a promotional match between ORIX Buffaloes vs SoftBank HAWKS scheduled for 3 October 2021 at the Kyocera Dome Osaka stadium called "hololive day."[38]
  • On 9 September 2021, hololive's Twitter account announced a sponsored stream for Square Enix's game Deep Insanity: Asylum presented by Towa and Kanata, during said stream both sang the games song "Madoromi" the official music video of the song was later released on hololive's Japanese channel on 14 October 2021.[39][40][41]


  • Her fanbase is officially called "Heimin" (pronounced "Hey-min"), or へい民 in Japanese; a Japanese term roughly translating to "commoners," "Plebeians" or a general lower strata of social class.


  • "Power is power. Gorilla is the angel. Violence is the solution to everything."[42]
  • "Things in this world are too weak."[43]
  • "Oppai is great, oppai is everything, oppai can triumph over all things."[44]



  • Kanata's surname Amane「天音」can be divided thus.
    • The first kanji「天」can be read as "Ten/Ama/Amatsu" which has the meaning of "heaven/sky."
    • The second kanji「音」can be read as "Oto/Ne" which has the meaning "sound."
    • So her surname can be translated as "Heavenly Sound."


  • Her nickname of "PP Tenshi" ("PowerPoint Angel") originates from her use of Microsoft PowerPoint in her debut stream. Her fans have also given joking alternate meanings for the abbreviation in different situations ("Perfect Pitch Tenshi" when she's singing, "Perpetually Panicked Tenshi" when she's playing horror-games, "Proficient Producer Tenshi" when she's composing music, among others.)
  • During her debut stream Kanata included a vocal performance of the traditional Japanese sea shanty Sōran Bushi, complete with the backing music being entirely composed of her singing a cappella. Kanata has since become intrinsically linked with Sōran Bushi, with it becoming somewhat of her de facto theme-song. A remixed version of her performance frequently serves as the stand-by music on her streams.
  • During Kanata's debut stream she specified that her training at Heaven Academy is in the specialization for Curative/Healing angelic abilities.[45]
  • Kanata uses rather masculine personal pronoun "boku:" this trait is shared with Roboco-san and Nekomata Okayu.
  • The yellow arm-band on her school uniform reads "Student Council" in Japanese, implying that she is active in extracurricular activities at Heaven Academy.
  • Kanata owns two pet rabbits.
  • Kanata has the rare distinction of earning a perfect score of 20 points on Yuzuki Choco's Trivia Quiz. This indicates that she has an excellent memory, and has earned her the alternate nickname "BB Tenshi" (Big-Brained Angel) among English-speaking fans.
  • At one of the streams hosted by Akai Haato, the latter (who is already very prone for English mistypings) accidentally mistyped Kanata's name in English as "Kabaya" and noticed it only after the chat started calling her out at the same time. Both the viewers and Haato herself found it funny, and from that time, Kanata is sometimes referred by this nickname, and sometimes even by a combined nickname "PP Kabaya".
  • Kanata is a noted fan of the anime/manga series Pop Team Epic, Hunter × Hunter and especially Detective Conan, with references to them frequently cropping up in her streams.[46] Fanart also frequently depicts Kanata as an analogue to the character Popuko from Pop Team Epic.[47][48]
  • She and Inugami Korone are avid baseball fans and have attended games together.
  • Kanata has a notably wide vocal-range, even compared to other hololive members with established singing talent. Kanata has demonstrated on stream an impressive ability to simulate a wide range of voices (usually to voice an NPC in a game, for example) including convincing child-like voices, deeper-sounding male voices and exaggerated cartoon voices, all to the surprise of her audience. She has also routinely been able to successfully make prank-calls to other hololive members via Discord, impersonating another girl in a totally convincing manner and only revealing herself at the end of the call before hanging up. The idea that Kanata is secretly the only member of hololive and is simply providing voice acting for all of the group's various streamers has become a running joke among English speaking fans.
  • Kanata has a grip strength of 50 kg and is very proud of it, to the point it reinforced the use of her "Gorilla" nickname.[49][50] More recently, her grip strength is such that she has become afraid of accidentally destroying things and even people, among which Houshou Marine's hand was almost a victim.[51] She even started breaking her peripherals,[52] and doctors are unable to explain her strength despite her below average size.[53]
    • For reference, the average grip strength for an 18-year-old female is between 19 and 30 kg, and 50 kg still exceeds the male adult average of 40-45 kg.
  • Kanata is the third member of hololive after Kiryu Coco and Artia to join the official hololive Subreddit as a moderator.
  • Due to the aforementioned sadistic streak (and her grip strength), she is sometimes considered to be the opposite of Tokoyami Towa, that is, an angel who acts like a devil, while Towa is a devil who acts like an angel.
  • She is almost deaf in one ear and may possibly be going deaf in another due to an unnamed and incurable ear disease which she previously mentioned on stream. Despite this, she's expressed a strong desire to continue on her passion in singing and music.[54]
  • Kanata lives with her fellow hololive idol Kiryu Coco. Coco has given her the nickname "Kana-Gorilla" for her ability to flawlessly open tight jar lids, due to her aforementioned grip strength. Kanata is apparently so physically strong that she has, on multiple occasions, shattered the jars she is attempting to open. They still live together even after the latter's graduation, and she has made guest appearances on Kanata's stream to test out her cooking.[55]
  • She shares the same illustrator with Sorahoshi Kirame from Nijisanji.
  • Kanata is the second hololive member after Ouro Kronii to have a customized URL for her YouTube channel; as well as the first member to have translated channel name option enabled, displayed as "Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane" when YouTube's system language is set to English.

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