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“I make videos that seem to confuse people.”

Ami Yamato is a Female English/Japanese Virtual Vlogger who debuted on 18 May 2011. She is currently living in London, England having originally moved there from Japan in the spring of 2011. Her videos deal with topics like her love of Starbucks and her light-hearted perspective on the world.

Introduction Video


Ami Yamato - Channel Trailer

Ami's introduction.



The videos on Ami's channel are relatively random. She does not have an official style or theme and tends to upload only once or twice a month. Her videos consist mainly of personal vlogs and skits.

She has created a number of fact-based videos, listing fun facts about London, misconceptions about Tokyo, and her breaking stereotype video.

The most common kind of videos on Ami's channel are vlogs, where she talks directly to the viewer. Her vlogs are often set either at home or some sort of theme park/exhibition. Ami also enjoys producing short skits in which she inserts herself into films or tv shows such as Star Wars and Breaking Bad.


  • She's a 3D Vlogger, but can also be considered a VTuber.
  • She, Ibara Hiyori, Kizuna Ai and Baacharu were featured in a BBC Click segment on Virtual YouTubers.[1]
  • "What's a VTuber? I'm curious, too." said Ami in an interview by Christopher Travers.[2]
  • Ami loves coffee and her favorite place to purchase it is Starbucks.
  • Ami can speak fluent Japanese.
  • The two favorite videos Ami has made are her Snow Crunching video and Breaking Bad parody.
  • Ami was born in Tokyo, Japan.

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