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Amicia Michella is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber and she is a second wave member of Nijisanji ID, Nijisanji's Indonesian Virtual Liver branch with Rai Galilei, Riksa Dhirendra and Miyu Ottavia which is known as "CloverMcOver".

Introduction Video


【Vtuber Indonesia】Perkenalkan, Namaku Amicia Michella!【NIJISANJI ID】

Amicia's introduction.


She is a freelance artist, loves sleeping and penguins.[2]


Amicia has a composed and calm personality, and appears to be sleepy most of the time. Despite her demeanor, she actually loves to play horror games and able to suppress her fear when playing them, and rarely screams during her playthroughs. For some people like Miyu, she is a figure that tends to be boring because she always seems sleepy. However, Amicia is fun for some people and is like the opposite of Riksa and Rai who tend to be a bit boisterous.[3]



Amicia created her YouTube account on 14 December and made her debut on 21 December 2019, alongside with Miyu Ottavia, Rai Galilei and Riksa Dhirendra as the second wave of Nijisanji ID. The four are collectively known as "Clover McOver." They were introduced to the public through the exhibition Creator Super Fest Jakarta on 26-27 October 2019 as silhouettes.


On 14 February, Taka Radjiman and Amicia's collab cover of Allegro Cantabile by Suemitsu & the Suemith was released, making it Amicia's first cover song.[4]

On 11 May, Amicia released her first solo cover song, Koizora Yohou by koyori.[5]


On 30 May, Amicia announced on her Twitter that she would get her second 2D costume.[6]

On 5 June, Amicia debuted her second 2D costume.[7]

On 14 October, Amicia announced on her Twitter account that her 2D model would be updated to the 2.0 version.[8]

On 17 October, Amicia along with the rest of CloverMcOver, had their 2D models updated to version 2.0.[9]


  • She appeared as a silhouette when Nijisanji ID announced the second wave at exhibition event Creator Super Fest (CSF) Jakarta, back in 26-27 October 2019 with her 3 other members (Which was later revealed as Riksa, Rai, and Miyu).


  • Her fans are called "Cinguin."


  • Color: #47E104[2]
  • She is good at drawing.
  • She is an expert on horror games and won't be scared at all.
  • She fell asleep for several minutes during one particular stream.
  • She has two dogs - Pochi and Chita. Sometimes they shows up as an illustration that Amicia's already made and can be heard barking when she is on air. Unfortunately, Chita died at Christmas in 2020 because of sickness. Because of this, she ceased her streaming activities for three days to give herself some time to grieve.[10]
  • She speaks with a particularly strong Javanese accent, which accentuates consonants /dʒ/, /g/, /d/, and /b/.

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