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Andi Adinata is male Indonesian Virtual YouTuber related to MAHAPANCA with Zen Gunawan, Alia Adelia, Lumi Celestia, and Nia Redalion.

Introduction Video


Halo, gue Andi Adinata (VTuber Indonesia)

  Andi's Introduction.


His channel was created at October 22, 2019 and he debuted at same day. However, his Twitter account created on September 2019.


Adinata has a humorous personality and is full of self-confidence. He sometimes entertains viewers with his corny humor. One of his corny jokes often relates to his overconfidence, which is actually just being used as a joke.


  • He likes singing and has won in a singing contest at the district level.
  • Besides singing hobbies, he also likes drawing.
  • He claims to be not an introvert.

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