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Ange Katrina (アンジュ・カトリーナ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI. She is an alchemist from the Helesta Kingdom. She debuted along with Lize Helesta and Inui Toko, forming the trio known as "Sanbaka" (さんばか).

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Ange has an unusually deep voice that gives her an image of a cool girl. She plays in to this image with her catchphrase "Omatase, Matta?" which roughly translates to "I'm here, did I keep you waiting?". The answer to this catchphrase is "Uun, ima kita toko♡" which translates to "Not at all, I just arrived myself."

Although she flirts a lot with other livers for laughs, she appears to be very shy to strangers and quite an introvert, often fumbles in her words, and turns silent in conversations with livers with whom she is not accustomed to. However, she excels in free-talk streams and is even able to do 6 hours of streaming of entirely free talk. Lize Helesta describes her as a bit clumsy but kind-hearted and very perceptive of her surrounding, while Inui Toko describes her as "very kind, she is the human embodiment of kindness."[1]



Ange Katrina debuted together with Lize Helesta and Inui Toko as part of the Sanbaka group on 23 March 2019.


She and the rest of Sanbaka received updated models on the 18th of October in the same year.

She received her summer outfit model on 3 September and her dress outfit for her 50,000 subscribers on 11 December.


On 10 February, Ange unveiled her official 3D model via YouTube livestream.

Ange, along with Lize Helesta, Inui Toko, Sasaki Saku, and Belmond Banderas, was scheduled for a live in Zepp Diver City Tokyo on 5 March as part of NIJISANJI Japan Tour Shout in the Rainbow! but was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On 6 October, she announced on her Twitter account that her YouTube channel had been terminated for unknown reasons, later confirming it was a false ban.[2][3] Five hours later, she announced that her channel was back.[4]


On 16 June, Ange reached 500,000 YouTube subscribers, making her the 9th NIJISANJI member to reach this milestone, and the 2nd of her wave to do so.


On 4 February, Ange reached 600,000 YouTube subscribers.


  • Color: #C83C35 [5]
  • The greetings by Ange's waiting room before livestream are "Ange kyou mo kawaii ne" (アンジュ今日もかわいいね - Ange is cute today too). When Ange begins the stream with "Omatase, matta?" (おまたせ、まった?) the answer is "Uun Ima kita toko" (ううん、今来たとこ). Ange ends her stream with "Otsukare, mata ne" (お疲れ、またね).
  • Ange's height changed from 147 cm[6] to 160 cm[7] because of her drinking a failed alchemy potion meant originally to enlarge her breasts.
  • Ange is very good friends with both her fellow Sanbaka members and had known Lize before they became Vtubers. She and Lize have known each other for 10 years.[8] Lize and Ange lived together in the same room for a week for LizeAn Week project. The playlist is available in Ange's channel.
  • Ange's viewers' name is "Kenja Kids," which translated to "Philosopher Kids" (from "Philosopher's Stone", a reference to Full Metal Alchemist and alchemist theme). She originally wanted it to be 禁忌キッズ (Kinki Kids), a parody of an idol from Johnny's Agency, 近畿キッズ (Kinki Kids), but it was not allowed by her manager in fear of any legal trouble. After her Outlast streams, Ange's viewers' name almost entirely changed to FCL or Furufuru Chinchin Listener (Swaying Bare Penis Listener). This was because on the stream, she was chased by naked men and had to take care not to accidentally show their private parts to avoid being banned. She jokingly said that since the naked men chased after her, they must have been her listeners (viewers). Tied to "FullMetal Alchemist" and "Alchemist" flow, her stream tag is "Kenja no Jikan" 賢者の時間 or "Philosopher's Time" (lit.). She purposely used 賢者の時間 (Kenja no Jikan) to avoid the sexual connotation that comes with the phrase 賢者タイム or Kenja Time (which means literally means Philosopher's time, but in this usage, it also means "post nut clarity"). You can watch the talk in her debut stream.
  • Ange has an R18 tag, "アンジュのおかず" which means "Ange's side dish" literally. However, most posts in the tag are food posts instead of erotic arts.
  • Her batch group's name, Sanbaka is, written in hiragana さんばか. Although it translates to "3 idiots" or "3 stooges," it does not refer to 3 Idiots and is an abbreviation of "Sanba Carnival."[9] This name originates from a relay project for their debut streams that was about making a song with only their voices. The same song was then reused during the three's 2.0 update relay stream to make a parody of Exile's Choochoo Train movement. The resulting video was titled gomi_douga.mp4 (which means trash_video.mp4).[10] The three also attempted to reenact the Choochoo Train dance along with the gomi song in their 3D forms during Sanbaka Debut 1st Anniversary.
  • The title of Sanbaka song for Smash the Paint!! Album is 3倍! Sun Shine! カーニバル! (3 fold! Sun Shine! Carnival!), a reference to their group name, Sanba Carnival.
  • Ange forms several unit with other NIJISANJI livers, such as LizeAn with Lize Helesta, えんじぇるす (Angels) with Kanae, ちぇりーぺ with Nui Sociere, AnDeToko with Inui Toko and Debidebi Debiru, and ChichiGeYama (乳毛山) with Nui Sociere and Hayama Marin. She is also part of 4 members unit SKB-bu (SKB Club or Sukebe Club) along with Suzuka Utako, Rindou Mikoto, and Gundo Mirei. SKB Club focuses on adult talks.
  • Ange is known to like NTR genre of fictional works[11]. She said it is only for fictional work and cannot take it in reality, however.[12]
  • She also likes the genre which in the west is generally known as "ugly bastard". [13]
  • Ange is often called "DT", an abbreviation to "Doutei" which means "Virgin". This is a joke to her overreaction to anything lewd and to her often shy reactions when other livers teased her with sexual innuendos.
  • Ange has a brother who is more than 10 years older than her. Her brother influenced her taste in manga and her gaming preferences in her younger years. Her brother's voice is higher than hers.
  • Ange has times she got difficulty during personal identification via phone, a very common identification process for administration purposes in Japan, because her voice was so low she was mistaken as a man.
  • The earrings accessory in Ange's 50,000 subscribers dress matches with Lize's dress, featuring Ange's signature triangle shapes and Lize's feather symbols. She said she wore the dress when there are balls in Helesta Kingdom.[14]
  • Ange has another nickname "Night Butterfly" which comes from her cancelled first EX voice packs, where she called herself Night Butterfly and gave tips on how to conquer men.[15] She gave the voice sample to Lize who then stopped her from submitting it, and she said she was grateful to Lize for that. The nickname was passed down to Kanae (as Night Butterfly II) after Ange created the script for his January 2020 voice pack with Night Butterfly as the theme. Ange also trained Kanae how to voice said script, part of the training was uploaded by Kanae on Twitter.
  • Ange is often being sent baby goods such as adult pacifier, baby bottles, baby rattles, and bib by her viewers since she often made baby impersonations. She reviewed the adult pacifier and baby bottles in her birthday stream, which baffled Lize and Toko who guested on said stream.[16] In her 3D stream she got adult pacifier, rattles, and baby bottles made for her. Falling baby bottles were then used to illustrate Super Chat donations during the stream.[17]
  • Having a deep voice, Ange is often teased for not being able to make 'cute voice'. One of her 'cute voice' phrases is "Honyu?" which turns to one of her signature phrases. Honyuu (哺乳) also means "suckling" or "breast-feeding".

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