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The AniMare Cafe (有閑喫茶あにまーれ yuukan kissa animaare) or just AniMare (あにまーれ) is a group of virtual YouTubers managed by the agency 774 inc.



The group started its activities on 9 June 2018, working in association with the agency upd8.


On 8 February, Nanashi announced new AniMare members Kazami Kuku and Yunohara Izumi.[1]

On 11 April, Nanashi announced new AniMare members Haibara Akane, Momono Yurari, Shiromiya Mimi and Hashiba Natsumi. [2]Of the four new members, Mimi was transferred from an individual.

On 23 April, Yurari's debut was canceled due to a breach of the contract.[3]

On 30 April, the producers of AniMare and HoneyStrap announced on their Twitter accounts that the two groups ended their association with upd8.[4][5]

On 4 July AniMare's Twitter account revealed that Nanashi, manager of 774 inc. now has a 3D model.[6]

On 6 July AniMare's Twitter account announced that its original members: Inaba Haneru, Souya Ichika and Hinokuma Ran, would get updated 2D models.[7]

On 26 August, Nanashi announced Akane's Retirement.[8]

On 1 October, Nanashi announced new AniMare members Seshima Rui and Hira Hikari.[9]

On 19 December, AniMare appeared at 774inc's music festival "774Fes Do It!".


On 26 January, Nanashi announced new AniMare members Oura Rukako, Tsukinoki Tirol and Konan Mia.[10] Of the three new members, similar to Mimi, Tirol was an independent VTuber before joining AniMare.


Current roster (From Left to Right): Oura Rukako, Seshima Rui, Shiromiya Mimi, Yunohara Izumi, Hinokuma Ran, Inaba Haneru, Souya Ichika, Kazami Kuku, Hashiba Natsumi, Hira Hikari, Konan Mia, and Tsukinoki Tirol.


AniMare is managed by Nanashi (as Kuroneko Nanashi 黒猫ななし), and includes the following VTubers:


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