Anna-Chan (Анна-Чан) is a female russian Virtual YouTuber and streamer. She has got a lot of collabs with many of Russian VTubers.


Anna-Chan is an Artificial Intelligence and Amur tiger, who was made by animator Colibri-chan.

She is very active and friendly, likes to play with subscribers and make videos with another Russian VTubers. Also she likes to joke about Rise of the Machines.

List of VTubers with which there were collabs


  • She calls her subscribers "юзеры" (english word "users", but in the russian manner).
  • She calls Iriska her wife. Iriska did not agree.
  • She likes to growl. So she made joky "Cult Prrr" (Культ Пррр).
  • She has got a meme on her channel, which is connected with russian name Andrey (Андрей). This meme appeared because of stream about game "Raft", on which she was calling all sharks by this name. She could not explain the reason for this, so the part of her subscribers started to call themselves "Andreys" (Андреи).

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