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id:entity voices as hololive Indonesia 6 April 2021    
  1. "id:entity voices"
  2. "id:entity voices" (Japanese ver.)
  3. "id:entity voices" (Instrumental)
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Title Date Along with
"hololive Ieru ka na? Beyond the Stage ver."
(ホロライブ言えるかな?, Can You Do the hololive?)
2021/01/08 hololive 0th - 5th Gen + ID 1st - 2nd Gen + EN 1st Gen
"id:entity voices" 2021/04/06 hololive ID 1st - 2nd Gen

Title Date Along with
"id:entity voices" (Japanese) 2021/04/06 hololive ID 1st - 2nd Gen


Title Date Original by
"Gira Gira"
2021/08/14 Ado
(フォニイ, Fonii)
2021/11/26 Tsumiki
feat. KAFU

Title Date Along with Original by
"Ochame Kinou"
(おちゃめ機能, Mischievous Function)
2021/06/07 holoro LamazeP
"Lagu Daerah"[Cover 1]
(Indonesian Folk Music Medley)
2021/08/17 hololive ID 1st - 2nd Gen Unknown
  1. Medley of "Sik Sik Sibatunikam," "Kicir-Kicir," "Cublak Cublak Suweng," "Bungong Jeumpa," "Apuse"