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Aogiri High School (あおぎり高校, Aogiri Koukou) is a group of Virtual YouTubers that started activity on 27 October 2018. They are formerly known as Aogiri High School Game Club (あおぎり高校ゲーム部, Aogiri Koukou Gemu-Bu) and is a spin-off of the Game Club Project.

Following the same premise of the main channel, the Game Club of the Aogiri High School is a duo formed by Otodama Tamako (音霊魂子) and Minazuki Natsuki (水菜月夏希). They are later joined by Ishikari Akari (石狩あかり) and Oshiro Mashiro (大代真白). Yamaguro Nekuro (山黒音玄) also joined the group around April 2021.

Introduction Video

Introduction video.


Otodama Tamako Minazuki Natsuki
Ishikari Akari Oshiro Mashiro
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Minazuki Natsuki - Icon.png
Ishikari Akari - Icon.png
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Yamaguro Nekuro Kurikoma Komaru Chiyoura Chiyomi
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On the 15th of April 2019, Ishikari Akari joined the school[1]


Tamako, Natsuki, and Akari got their individual YouTube channel on the 8th, 22nd, and 29th February respectively.

Meanwhile Mashiro got her own channel on the 1st of May 2020, but left the channel empty.

On the 25th of May Mashiro made her first appearance[2], despite being teased about on 8th of April[3]

On the 29th of May Mashiro posted her first video on her channel.

On the 26th of June Aogiri High School Game Club changed their name into Aogiri High School[4]

On the 13th of September Natsuki announced that she would retire from the group to focus on getting more social experience to achieve her dream.[5]


On the 10th of April Natsuki held her last 3d live with her fellow members.[6]

On the 12th of April Yamaguro Nekuro debuted.[7]

On the 14th of August Kurikoma Komaru debuted.


  • The first member of the Game Club to debut was Tamako, she was playing Super Smash Bros. using the Pokémon Lucario.
  • Most of their content, like the Game Club main channel is produced skits or game streams. They did their first video together on 11 November 2018 and their first crossover with the girls of the main Gamebu channel on 27 January 2019.[8]

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