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Aragami Oga (荒咬オウガ) is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive's branch Holostars. He is a member of its third generation alongside Kageyama Shien, which was previously known as "TriNero" (トライネロ) prior to Tsukishita Kaoru's retirement. Oga and Shien then became known as "MaFia" (魔フィア).[2]

Introduction Video



Oga's introduction.


Ex-military who had been fighting for around 5,000 years in a parallel world.

Had recently retired from service and was sightseeing in Japan when he was scouted by Shinove.

Was introduced to retro gaming and has been hooked ever since.[3]


He was initially described by other members of TriNero as "very weird person". Despite his appearance, Oga is man of calm and gentle demeanor, speaking with a deep, soothing voice while treating fans very kindly which builds up a warm and calming atmosphere on his streams. He is trying to forge friendly relationships with his fans, being sad to notice that after his debut stream, many fans switched from -kun (くん) to -san (さん) honorifics while addressing him, making the comments feel a bit more distant.[4]



His Twitter account was created in 10 April 2020; he made his first tweet on 27 April,[5] his YouTube channel was created on 8 April, and his debut stream was performed on 1 May 2020.


On 22 July, he reached 20,000 subscribers.[6]

On 9 September, he reached 30,000 subscribers.[7]

On 27 September, he opened up his membership feature.[8]

On 6 November, he reached 40,000 subscribers.[9]

On 6 December, he reached 50,000 subscribers.[10]

On 25 December, it was announced that all the Holostars members would receive new costumes on 3 January, 2021, commemorating New Year's.[11]


On January 3, he revealed his new year's costume.[12] On the same day, Holostars released their cover of Paintër by halyosy, making it Oga's first cover song.[13]

On 5 January, he reached 60,000 subscribers.[14]

On 17 January, he reached 70,000 subscribers.[15]

On 15 February, he reached 80,000 subscribers.[16]

On 13 March, he reached 90,000 subscribers.[17]

On 21 April, he reached 100,000 subscribers, being the sixth Holostars to reach this milestone.[18]

On 13 July, hololive's Japanese Twitter account announced that every Holostars member would get 2.0 version of their 2D model.[19]

On 20 July, Oga announced during a stream that he would receive his 3D model.[20]

On 24 July, Oga debuted his 3D model.[21]

On 6 August, hololive's Japanese Twitter announced that Oga and Shien would receive "Summer" costumes.[22]

On 10 August, Oga debuted his Summer costume.[23]


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Just Follow Stars as HOLOSTARS commemorating the group's 2nd anniversary 28 June 2021    
  1. "Just Follow Stars"
  2. "Just Follow Stars" (instrumental)
Just Follow Stars Cover.png
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On 10 October, Oga was a part of Waku Waku! VTuber Hiroba Online Vol. 2 (わくわく!VTuberひろば おんらいん Vol.2) along with Kageyama Shien, Syukusei Batumaru and Boyacky from Yatterman Channel.[24] Fellow Holostars member Rikka and, as well as Nanase Taku, Akiyama Rentarou from Himashokudo and Hanagasa Ilya were also part of the event.

On 26 October, it was announced that Holostars goods would be sold at Animate Girls Festival Aozora Marche, held on November 7-8, 2020,[25] and on 28 October, 2020, it was announced that Holostars would be participating in the event as guests.[26] Oga is part of the "Virtual Clerk" (バーチャル店員) exhibition and "Chatting Fes" (おしゃべりフェス) exhibition in the event.[27]


On 28 January, it was announced that "Net Talking Festival", an Holostars exclusive event, will be held on 14 February where fans can have a one-on-one chat with any of the Holostars members for 3 minutes, talking about their daily feelings of gratitude to an important person.[28]

On 25 until 27 June, all Holostars members participated in their 2nd anniversary event "Our Rally 2021", the event featured 3 Holostars in each day of the event, Oga participated on the 3rd day.[29] On the final day of the event, an original song Just Follow Stars was released on the official Holostars channel featuring all members singing.

On 22 July, Oga participated on the Fall Guys tournament VTuber Fall Guys Sports Day with fellow Holostars members; Hanasaki Miyabi, Arurandeisu and Kageyama Shien as "Crustacean LobStars". In the final rankings, they ranked 1st place.[30]

On 15 October, holostars' Twitter account announced that holostars would participate in "Animate Girls Festival 2021."[31]

Mascot and Fans

  • Oga's mascot is named "Chungami" (ちゅんがみ). It was spawned from a conversation with Shirakami Fubuki.[32]
  • His fanbase is officially called "OMAEsan" (オマエさん) and are depicted as a rainbow colored character.[33]
  • Oga also has a secondary mascot called "Naisucchi" (ないすっちぃ). It was born on a channel emote drawing stream, where he meant to draw a thumbs up emote but later turned into a bird-like creature instead.[34]


  • Units and groups aside from TriNero and MaFia he is part of are:
    • "Kirakira Collab" (キラキラコラボ), along with Arurandeisu, Airani Iofifteen and Ayunda Risu.
    • "FOXDEMON", along with Shirakami Fubuki.
    • "Oumagadoki" (オウ魔ガ刻), along with Yukoku Roberu.
    • "Babumagadokide" (ばぶ魔ヶ刻で), along with Kageyama Shien and Yukoku Roberu.
    • "HOLOFOI", along with Airani Iofifteen and Shirakami Fubuki.
    • "UniDemons", along with Airani Iofifteen and Deep Blizzard Miyuki.
    • "Ararandeisu" (アラランディス), along with Arurandeisu.
    • "TemMa" (天魔), along with Kishido Temma.
    • "Koukakidou Lobstars" (甲殻奇動ロブスターズ), along with Hanasaki Miyabi, Arurandeisu and Kageyama Shien.


  • In the first TriNero collab, Oga said that since he was new to streaming, he wasn't sure if it was okay to use assets he didn't own. So he drew his streaming background, the pixel art in the intro of his debut stream, and even the drinks shown in the collab stream.
  • He drew Ayunda Risu[35][36] and Kageyama Shien's[37] mascots, as well as his own. His YouTube membership's loyalty badges and emotes are also drawn by himself.
  • He shares his birthday with hololive ID member Ayunda Risu.
    • In 2021, they both released two duets of "DADDY! DADDY! DO!" on their channels, each featuring themselves as the main vocals for the song and the other as backing vocalist.
  • He suffers from motion sickness, triggered by rapid camera movements such as the ones in first person shooters and similar games, thus he avoids playing them.
  • His alcohol tolerance is very low. This was more noticeable on his first anniversary stream where he got tipsy after a single can of Horoyoi, a drink with only 3% alcohol.
  • At 192 cm (6'4") in height, Oga is the tallest hololive Production member.
  • He and Rikka are the only two left-handed members of Holostars.
  • During the aftermath of the VTuber Fall Guys Sports Daytournament, Team Lobstars had considered doing a 3D Fall Guys of some sort after they all get their 3D.
  • He's very knowledgeable about gunpla and is an avid collector as well. Some of his talk streams involve building gunpla kits either normally or in an ASMR fashion. For his 100,000 subscribers watchover stream, he assembled an MG Deep Striker kit he received for his birthday, which took him about six and a half hours to complete.[38]

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