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Ars Almal (アルス・アルマル) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and member of Nijisanji.

She is a lightning wizard from another dimension.

Introduction Video



Ars Almal's introduction.


Ars Almal is a Lightning Wizard from another dimension, she is extremely introverted and has a hard time to join in an ongoing conversation specially when in a group call with her fellow livers, she's often talkative when she speaks to some of her friends who shares a common ground with her.

She's also very competitive when it comes to games, showing anger when things don't go her way, and has been mirroring minor personality traits from Trevor Philips of Grand Theft Auto V.


  • Color: #7FD6E2 [1]
  • There are times where Ars has been called a "Big Face" in English during her streams due to her avatar's face almost being bigger than her body. Fans have also been commenting how she kept covering the gameplay with her face.
  • Both Ars and Ex Albio met in Minecraft and have since then been collaborating with a sort of Master and Apprentice relationship (comedically with the younger-looking, less intimidating Ars in the "Master" role and the older and stronger-looking Albio in the "Apprentice" role), much to Ars' constant disappointment on how much Albio messes up.
  • At one time Ars saw a lone sheep in Minecraft that was acting different from the other sheep as it wasn't following her with a wheat in hand. Ars befriended the sheep due to recognizing it as a fellow introvert and named it "Youkya" (羊キャ), a pun on the word "youkya" (陽キャ) which means "extrovert" but changing the first kanji into sheep. 
  • It's been noted that the way she speaks is a lot different than the other livers since she has a lisp, though it's still unclear if its real or if its for her character as its never stated as such.
  • Her character always carries a red book (presumably a magical tome of some sort), which she claimed is her "identity".
  • In one of her Minecraft streams, Ars thought that she messed up and angered Shizuka Rin by not paying attention to the in-game chat telling her to sleep that was spammed by Shizuka Rin, leading her to end her stream due to her anxiety. Once she returned in the next Minecraft stream, she felt very nervous and always paid close attention to the in-game chat, instantly going to sleep when there are messages so that she wouldn't mess up anymore.
  • She is often in trios such as Yuzuki Roa and Hayama Marin or Aiba Uiha and Mayuzumi Kai (known as the "Blues").
  • On 23 April, she started a stream which showcased her updated 2D model. She got the 2.0 update along with Ex Albio and Nui Sociere. The update involves around making her facial expressions more expressive thus making her character look livelier, improved mouth tracking accuracy, dilating eyes and somewhat more realistic bodily proportions. Her head has more rotations which revealed a bit of her right ear, chubby cheeks, and eyelashes that couldn't be seen before.
  • Due to her competitive nature, she has once cried out of frustration in one of her Mario Kart stream when she lost in a race.
  • Though usually introverted and shy, Ars seemed to have improved due to many collabs with many people. She seemed to have more confidence and self esteem in her newer streams compared to her past ones.
  • Throughout the era of her 1.0 avatar incarnation Ars apparently had members of her audience routinely mistake her for some type of child-mage (or to Japanese fans, a "loli"), not realizing she was actually a young-adult of at least 16 years of age. This misconception was likely due a combination of factors such as Ars' cutesy, youthful face, her child-like voice, her short stature and the fact that much of her torso was frequently either obscured by the tome she carries or off-screen all together. On several occasions when this came up Ars took the time to show off her character-model and prove she was an "adult", showing off her slight but still present hourglass-figure and even brag that she had a small bit of "sideboob" (the amount of a woman's bust that doesn't conform to the width of her torso in frontal profile and can thus be seen on each side of her chest even in silhouette). This misconception seems to happen less under her 2.0 avatar incarnation, which has considerably more realistic and less child-like proportions and makes more apparent her hourglass-figure.
  • She shares the same character designer with Artia of hololive China and Kagura Mea.
  • [SPOILER] She is the winner of Nijisanji's Rock Paper Scissors Championship Where the winner gets 1 Milion Japanese Yen (around 9.6K USD). The money was handed to her by Mayuzumi Kai and was handed to her in person.
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