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Cerita Tessa or in another name Artesia Visca is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber. She is considered Indonesia's first Virtual YouTuber.

Introduction Video[]


-cerita tessa- hapyaa! (salam kenal semua)

Tessa's Introduction.


Her YouTube channel was created on February 26, 2018 and she debuted on the same date. Today, she has about twenty-eight thousand subscribers.


  • On 26 August 2021, Tessa announced on her Twitter account that she, Evelyn and Mintchan would appear in "Jakarta Metaverse" as speakers.[1]
  • On 22 September 2021, LOKET's Twitter account announced that Tessa along with other Indonesian VTubers would appear in "Virtual J-Fest."[2]


Tessa is known as someone who is helpful, caring, has strong aspirations and loves comics. She hopes that someday someone will make a comic about her. She also aspires to become a reliable singer.

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