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ArtsyVRC is a female English VTuber. Though she has been streaming with a model on Twitch since 5 May 2018, she did not make any mention of being a VTuber until early January, 2021.[1] She is a demon cow, and is best known for her chatting streams, and popularity within the VRChat community.

Introduction Video


Thank you for 1 year of YouTube ♥

Artsy's introduction.


Artsy is sociable and very interactive with the audience and her peers. Her favorite things to do on stream are just talking with her chat and any potential guests she may have. Artsy is an agent of chaos within her own community, and loves to stir up wholesome trouble. While being on the lewder side herself, she is easily flustered by her guests' flirting.



Artsy was a member of the large boom of VRChat streamers that appeared during its spike in popularity following its release. She carried this audience through VRChat's steady decline in content creators, and began donning the title of VTuber as the English VTuber boom began, as she was already representing herself through her 3D models.


  • Artsy's favorite color is Purple
  • Artsy was born in the Netherlands
  • Artsy speaks English and Dutch, and also has some understanding of French, German, and Japanese.
  • Artsy is transgender.

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