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Arurandeisu (アルランディス) is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber endorsed by hololive's branch Holostars. He is a member of its first generation, alongside Hanasaki Miyabi, Kagami Kira, Kanade Izuru, Yakushiji Suzaku and Rikka.

Introduction Video


【初配信】ホロスターズ1期生5人目の仲間【アルランディス Arurandeisu】

Arurandeisu's introduction.


An Italiano who always tricks people with his dandy looks and the actual personality he has.

A Mr. Nice who is calm and collected (at least, that is what he wishes to be), he has a bad sense of direction. He is also the kind of person who tries before thinking when it is up to new challenges. When he plays games, he sort of empathizes and gets into the character’s role a bit too much.[1]


Aruran is seen as a fatherly person by both fans and fellow Holostars, as well as other VTubers, earning him the nicknames "Papa", "Arupapa", among other derivatives. His father-like personality makes him a good tutor figure, making him good at teaching topics to viewers, as he has held several streams teaching subjects such as science-related topics, for example, immunization,[2] and Japanese internet slang.[3] He is also open to learning things from other people, as shown in his English slang learning streams.[4]



Aruran was first announced as an additional member to holostars' first generation on 2 September 2019, along with Yakushiji Suzaku and a then-unknown figure, which was later confirmed to be Rikka.[5] His Twitter account was created in 1 August 2019; his YouTube channel was created on 2 August, and his debut stream was performed on 8 September 2019.


On 15 March, he revealed his White Day costume.[6]

On 2 May, Shirakami Fubuki released her and Aruran's duet cover of Pizza Pasta no Uta, making it his first cover song.[7]

On 4 August, he revealed his summer costume.[8]

On his first debut anniversary, 8 September, he released his first solo cover song, Megumi no Hito by Rats & Star.[9]

On 3 October, he reached 30,000 subscribers.[10]

On 1 November, he opened up his membership feature.[11]

On 19 November, he reached 40,000 subscribers.[12]

On 29 November, he reached 50,000 subscribers.[13]

On 5 December, he reached 60,000 subscribers.[14]

On 25 December, it was announced that all the Holostars members would receive new costumes on 3 January, 2021, commemorating New Year's.[15]


On 3 January, he revealed his new year's costume,[16] which was modelled by カワナミ.[17]

On 15 January, he reached 70,000 subscribers.[18]

On 17 February, he reached 80,000 subscribers.[19]

On 20 March, he reached 90,000 subscribers.[20]

On 7 May, he reached 100,000 subscribers, being the seventh Holostars to reach this milestone.[21]

On 13 July, hololive's Japanese Twitter account announced that every Holostars member would get 2.0 version of their 2D model.[22]

On 26 August, Aruran announced during a stream that he would receive his 3D model.[23]

On 20 November, Aruran debuted his first solo original song "W.I.M.".


Main page: Arurandeisu/Discography
W.I.M 12 November 2021    
  1. "W.I.M."
  2. "W.I.M." (instrumental)
Arurandeisu - WIM cover.jpg
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Digital Release
Just Follow Stars as HOLOSTARS commemorating the group's 2nd anniversary 28 June 2021    
  1. "Just Follow Stars"
  2. "Just Follow Stars" (instrumental)
Just Follow Stars Cover.png
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Digital Release • Music Video



On 26 October, it was announced that Holostars goods would be sold at Animate Girls Festival Aozora Marche, held on November 7-8, 2020,[24] and on 28 October, 2020, it was announced that Holostars would be participating in the event as guests.[25] Arurandeisu is part of the "Virtual Clerk" (バーチャル店員) and "Chatting Fes" (おしゃべりフェス) exhibitions in the event.[26]


On 24 January, Arurandeisu entered on Shibuya Hal's Vtuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament #2 alongside fellow Holostars members: Kanade Izuru and Astel Leda. In the final rankings, their team "RAGGGGGU!!!" (ラッッッッグ!!!). In the final rankings, they ranked 5th place.

On 28 January, it was announced that "Net Talking Festival", an Holostars exclusive event, will be held on 14 February where fans can have a one-on-one chat with any of the Holostars members for 3 minutes, talking about their daily feelings of gratitude to an important person.[27]

On 23 February, in an invitation to a friendly exhibition called the RAGE PARTY 2021 - Apex Legends Best Trio Championship (powered by SHARP), Arurandeisu participated with fellow Holostars members; Kanade Izuru and Astel Leda as "Team Holostars". In the final rankings, Team Holostars ranked 3rd.

From 25 until 27 June, all Holostars members participated in their 2nd anniversary event "Our Rally 2021", the event featured 3 Holostars in each day of the event, Aruran participated on the 2nd day.[28] On the final day of the event, an original song Just Follow Stars was released on the official Holostars channel featuring all members singing.

On 3 July, Aruran participated on the Apex Legends tournament Reignite Cup as the team "Utanaide Kudasai" (撃たないでください), along Naruse Naru and Rikka.[29] In the final rankings, the team ranked 19th place.

On 22 July, Aruran participated on the Fall Guys tournament VTuber Fall Guys Sports Day with fellow Holostars members; Hanasaki Miyabi, Kageyama Shien and Aragami Oga as "Crustacean LobStars". In the final rankings, they ranked 1st place.[30]

On 15 October, holostars' Twitter account announced that holostars would participate in "Animate Girls Festival 2021."[31]


  • His fanbase is officially called "Familiaran" (ファミリアラン).
  • "Ciao!" is used as his greeting but it is also used as his closing along with "Otsurandeisu" (おつランディス).


  • Units and groups he is a part of are:
    • "Sharuwer" (シャルワー) (as ARUran), along with Hanasaki Miyabi (floWER) and Kageyama Shien (SHAdow).
    • "YuruStar" (ゆるスタ), along with Hanasaki Miyabi and Kishido Temma.
    • "Kirakira Collab" (キラキラコラボ), along with Aragami Oga, Airani Iofifteen and Ayunda Risu.
    • "ARoHaRi" (アロハリ), along with Hanasaki Miyabi, Yukoku Roberu and Rikka.
    • "AruRitsu" (アル律), along with Rikka.
    • "Otona Gumi" (大人組), along with Yukoku Roberu and Daidou Shinove.
    • "A Gumi" (あ組) along with Astel Leda.
    • "RAGGGGGU!!!" (ラッッッッグ!!!) along with Kanade Izuru and Astel Leda. However, on the event "RAGE PARTY 2021", they called themselves "Team Holostars".
    • "Ararandeisu" (アラランディス), along with Aragami Oga.
    • "Arubaana" (アルバーナ), along with Hanasaki Miyabi.
    • "Pizza Corn" (ピザコーン), along with Shirakami Fubuki.
    • "Utanaide Kudasai" (撃たないでください), along with Naruse Naru and Rikka for the tournament Reignite Cup.
    • "Koukakidou Lobstars" (甲殻奇動ロブスターズ), along with Hanasaki Miyabi, Kageyama Shien and Aragami Oga.


  • He is drawn by the same illustrator as Shiranui Flare from hololive, Makaino Ririmu from Nijisanji and Ushio Tia from Re:AcT.
    • His illustrator has done artwork notably for Fate/Grand Order and Touken Ranbu franchise.
  • He is a big fan of airsoft guns. He has held several gun maintenance ASMR streams featuring them. A playlist of those streams can be seen here.
  • He has shown to be quite skilled at video editing, and has has made his own highlight clips[32] as well as bizarre, meme-like videos.[33]
  • His favorite Gundam series is ​Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.
  • Arurandeisu actually didn't play Apex Legends. He became an avid Apex player after - on a short notice - having been asked by Astel to join his team for Shibuya Hal's Vtuber Apex Legends Tournament Season 2. In the short amount of time before the tournament, he put most of his stream time and energy into Apex training.
  • During a slang stream with Temma and Miyabi, they came up with new nicknames for themselves. Arurandeisu's was GDP (Great Dandy Papa).[34]
  • He loves making clips from his own stream.
  • Arurandeisu is known to be laid back with his chat as he loves interacting with his viewers - locally and internationally - but has savagely put trolls and spammers in their place before. However, after a certain incident during a stream, he made a public tweet for the first time addressing chat etiquette. The post had a fellow fan translating it into English for fellow overseas fans.[35]
  • As seen from his English streams, Aruran has showcased his English skills where he's able to read and talk to viewers. However, if it's something he hasn't seen before or doesn't know, he does ask his chat for help as needed.
    • This could be seen with the many meme and slang streams Aruran has done and shown that he's a quick learner and is able to pick up things really well.
  • During the aftermath of the VTuber Fall Guys Sports Daytournament, Team Lobstars had considered doing a 3D Fall Guys of some sort after they all get their 3D.
  • During Arurandeisu's 3D stream, towards the end while reaching 130,000 subscribers, he thanked the viewers for being there because it wasn't just his effort alone but also because of the support that he was able to achieve his 3D. Even though there may have been times where viewers thought following them [Holostars] was hard, whether if one stopped or came back after a long time, the support mattered. Therefore, he asks for continue support as he reach even greater heights. [36]
  • In a minecraft stream, Arurandeisu revealed to viewers that despite the official Holostars information regarding the group and their profiles having undergone an update, it originally and has never noted that they were idols. Therefore, jokingly, he said that manager Shinove tricked him into joining. Thus, Aruran ended up as an entertainer despite him really wanting to become an idol. [37]

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