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Astel Leda (アステル・レダ) is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber hololive's branch Holostars. He is a member of its second generation, also known as "SunTempo" alongside Kishido Temma and Yukoku Roberu.

Introduction Video



Astel's introduction.


Although he is kind of self-indulgent and childish, this Mr. Handsome cares a lot about his friends. He does not remember much from his past, however he sometimes stares into the sky and smirks.[2]



His Twitter account and YouTube channel were both created on 9 October 2019, and his debut stream was performed on 7 December 2019.


On 4 April, Astel released his first cover song, Kami no Manimani (At God's Mercy) by rerulili, in which he sang with Kanade Izuru.[3]

On 30 June, he reached 10,000 subscribers[4]

On 5 August, he revealed his summer costume.[5]

On 14 September, he reached 20,000 subscribers[6]

On 9 November, he reached 30,000 subscribers[7]

On his first debut anniversary, Astel released his first solo cover song, One more time,One more chance by Yamazoki Masayoshi.[8]

On 10 December, he reached 40,000 subscribers[9]

On 25 December, it was announced that all the Holostars members would receive new costumes on 3 January, 2021, commemorating New Year's.[10]


On January 3, he revealed his new year's costume,[11] which was modelled by 瀬白しぐれ.[12]

On 15 January, he reached 50,000 subscribers.[13]

On 9 February, he reached 60,000 subscribers.[14]

On 21 February, in his stream celebrating 50,000 subscribers, he revealed a new variant of his new year's costume, which had a new hairstyle.[15] On the same day, he reached 70,000 subscribers.[16]

On 8 March, he reached 80,000 subscribers.[17]

On 27 March, he reached 90,000 subscribers.[18]

On 14 April, he reached 100,000 subscribers, being the fifth Holostars to reach this milestone.[19]

On 13 July, hololive's Japanese Twitter account announced that every Holostars member would get 2.0 version of their 2D model.[20]

On 23 August, he announced the 2.0 update to his Live 2D model with singing relay along with Kanade Izuru and Rikka who also got their models updated.[21]


Main page: Astel Leda/Discography
Just Follow Stars as HOLOSTARS commemorating the group's 2nd anniversary 28 June 2021    
  1. "Just Follow Stars"
  2. "Just Follow Stars" (instrumental)
Just Follow Stars Cover.png
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On 1 May, Astel, as well as Yukoku Roberu and Kishido Temma appeared on on Holocomi (ホロコミ), an online convention/event hosted by Shirakami Fubuki.[22]

On 2 August, Astel entered Shibuya Hal's VTuber Apex Legends Tournament alongside Kanade Izuru and Kagami Kira, under their group name "Chibistars". In the final rankings, they ranked 5th place. In addition, Astel ranked 4th out of all players in his kill counts, tied with Sato Asahi and Kanae. He also ranked 4th in the overall damage dealt.

On 26 October, it was announced that Holostars goods would be sold at Animate Girls Festival Aozora Marche, held on November 7-8, 2020,[23] and on 29 October, 2020, it was announced that Holostars would be participating in the event as guests.[24] Astel is part of the "Virtual Clerk" (バーチャル店員) exhibition and "Chatting Fes" (おしゃべりフェス) exhibition in the event.[25]


On 24 January, Astel entered and was Captain in Shibuya Hal's Vtuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament #2. He had chosen fellow Holostars members Kanade Izuru and Arurandeisu as his teammates forming their team, "RAGGGGGU!!!" (ラッッッッグ!!!). In the final rankings, they ranked 5th place.

On 28 January, it was announced that "Net Talking Festival", an Holostars exclusive event, will be held on 14 February where fans can have a one-on-one chat with any of the Holostars members for 3 minutes, talking about their daily feelings of gratitude to an important person.[26]

On 23 February, In an invitation to a friendly exhibition called the RAGE PARTY 2021 - Apex Legends Best Trio Championship (powered by SHARP), Astel participated with fellow Holostars members; Kanade Izuru and Arurandeisu as "Team Holostars". In the final rankings, Team Holostars ranked 3rd.[27]

On 20 May, Astel participated on the 23rd edition of Apex Legends tournament Shibuya Hal Custom series along Utai Meika and Kanade Izuru as the team "A.I.M." In the final rankings, they ranked 3rd place.

On 27 May, Astel participated on the 24th edition of Apex Legends tournament Shibuya Hal Custom series along Bosna and Seto Miyako as the team "VTuber to Gorilla" In the final rankings, they ranked 3rd place.

On 22 June, Astel participated on the Apex Legends tournament KAGAYAKI Cup. He entered with Shirayuki Reid and Kurumi Noah, replacing Nun Bora on the team.[28] In the final rankings, the team ranked 1st and Astel was declared MVP by his teammates.[29]

From 25 until 27 June, all Holostars members participated in their 2nd anniversary event "Our Rally 2021", the event featured 3 Holostars in each day of the event, Astel participated on the 1st day.[30] On the final day of the event, an original song Just Follow Stars was released on the official Holostars channel featuring all members singing.

On 3 July, Astel participated on the Apex Legends tournament Reignite Cup as the team "Ryoute ni V" along Bosna and Nagao Kei.[31] In the final rankings, the team ranked 16th place.

On 15 July, Astel participated on the 31st edition of Apex Legends tournament Shibuya Hal Custom series along Bosna and Takatsuki Ritsu as the team "Ryote ni V2" In the final rankings, they ranked 2nd place.

On 23 July, Astel participated on the sixth edition of the Apex Legends tournament Crazy Raccoon series along with K4sen and Hanjyou. In the final rankings, the team ranked 20th place.

On 24 July, Astel participated on the Apex Legends tournament Cypher Cup Festival as the team "Holostars" along Kishido Temma and Kanade Izuru. In the final rankings, the team ranked 7th place and they did not advance to the Grand Final.

On 22 August, Astel participated on the Apex Legends tournament Vtuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament #3 series as the team "ARCStars" along with Roboco-san and Yuzuki Choco. In the final rankings, the team ranked 13th place.

On 9 October, Astel participated on the seventh edition of the Apex Legends tournament Crazy Raccoon series as the team "ChinChinWin" along with Kawase and DJ Foy. In the final rankings, the team ranked 13th place.

On 15 October, holostars' Twitter account announced that holostars would participate in "Animate Girls Festival 2021."[32]

On 13 November, Astel participated on the Apex Legends tournament Mildom 2nd Anniversary Apex Legends Cup team "I Want 150,000 Yen" along with CLAY and RAN. They took 14th place in overall ranking.

Mascot and Fans

  • His mascot is named Poruneu (ポルネウ) (translated as Pocket Wifi). It is a jellyfish-like creature that acts as a Wi-Fi router. Additionally, Poruneu can be used to make thumbnails and tweets.[citation needed]
  • His fanbase is officially called "Astellas" (アステラー).
  • When Astel ends the stream, fans say farewell by saying "otsukaleda" (おつかレダ).


  • Units and groups other than SunTempo he is a part of are:
    • "Chibistars" (ちびすたーず) (officially translated as "Li'l Stars[33]), along with Kagami Kira and Kanade Izuru.
    • "AsuIzu" (アスイヅ) along with Kanade Izuru.
    • "Ashita Hana" (明日花), along with Hanasaki Miyabi.
    • "A Gumi" (あ組), along with Arurandeisu.
    • "AsteRoid", along with Rikka.
    • "AstMa", along with Kishido Temma.
    • "RAGGGGGU!!!" (ラッッッッグ!!!) for the tournament VTuber Apex Legends Tournament Season 2, along with Kanade Izuru and Arurandeisu. However, on the event "RAGE PARTY 2021", they called themselves "Team Holostars".
      • "Team Holostars" also consisted of Kanade Izuru and Kishido Temma for the tournament Cypher Cup Festival.
    • "Moon Radar" (ムーンレーダー), along with Tsukishita Kaoru.
    • "Astellie", along with Kureiji Ollie.
    • "Zombilien", along with Kureiji Ollie and Airani Iofifteen.[34]
    • "A.I.M." for the tournament Shibuya Hal Custom #23, along with Utai Meika and Kanade Izuru.
    • "Vtuber to Gorilla" (Vtuberとゴリラ) for the tournament Shibuya Hal Custom #24, along with Seto Miyako and Bosna.
    • "Shirayuki Reid wo Tsukuitai" (白雪レイドを救いたい) for the tournament KAGAYAKI Cup, along with Shirayuki Reid and Kurumi Noah.
    • "Ryoute ni V" (両手にV) for the tournament Reignite Cup, along Bosna and Nagao Kei.
    • "Ryoute ni V2" (両手にV) for the tournament Shibuya Hal Custom #31, along Bosna and Takatsuki Ritsu.
    • "ARCStars" for the tournament VTubers Most Cooperatitive Tournament #3, along with Roboco-san and Yuzuki Choco.


  • He shares the same birthday as hololive member Tsunomaki Watame.
  • Astel is a big fan of Disney and would sometimes have singing streams in where he would sing Disney songs. However, when he does, the stream archive is deleted due to copyright issues.
  • His seaweed nickname actually came from former 1st generation Holostars member Yakushiji Suzaku.
  • Astel has shared that even when he's not streaming he likes to drop by fellow Holostars streams and even watch the archives if he can't make it to the live streams.
  • He is able to stream for extended hours of time, such as up to 6-12 hours.
    • He once did a singing stream that lasted 24 hours. However, the stream was unarchived due to copyrighted content in the stream, as well as the fact that only streams under 12 hours can be archived.[35] 
  • Astel admitted himself into furry stuff and a shotacon.[36]
  • Astel reached Master rank in Apex on the 15th of March 2021, while accompanied by Kanade Izuru and Utai Meika. This rank was only achieved by 0.20% of players in season 8.
  • At 158 cm (5'2") in height, Astel is the shortest Holostars member.
  • Astel has said before that he would like Arurandeisu as his big brother.
    • Astel played a horror game and was very scared to continue so he had paused to call for support. After a few minutes of not picking up, Astel decided to continue the game to only have Aruran call back. Astel jokingly cried for help without letting Aruran know what he was getting into. Aruran unknowingly agreed to help as Astel shared his screen to reveal he was playing a horror game. During the rest of the stream, Aruran kept Astel accompanied making sure he was okay among all the jump scares they came across.[37]

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