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AyaMina Games were a pair of female Japanese Virtual YouTubers, sisters Yuen Aya (由縁アヤ) and Yuen Mina (由縁ミナ). They were members of upd8.

Introduction Video


AyaMina Games - アヤミナゲームス初生放送!!星のカービィSDX

  AyaMina's First Stream.


Aya is the younger sister who is known to be cute and fond of her older sister. However, her hyperactive nature, tendency to scream and sense of humor have earned her the nickname "psychopath."

Mina is the old calm and collected older sister whose charm is her cool aura. She has sometimes lovingly bullied by her younger sister. Because of her gaming skills (or lack thereof), she is occasionally referred to as a "piece of junk" (ポンコツ).



Their channel was created on 8 April, with their respective Twitter accounts also opening in this month.

Their first video was uploaded on 12 May.[1]


They stated that they would end their activities on 31 December 2018 with a final video,[2] but that they expected to leave the videos up on their channel.


  • Their signature greeting is "Nyanyanhoo!" (にゃんにゃんほー). It's a combination of the sounds cats and owls make in Japanese ("nyan" and "hoo" respectively), matching their designs and Twitter profile emoji.
  • Mina is a fan of the VTuber idol unit Alt!!.

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