Ayana Nana (绫奈奈奈) is a female Chinese VTuber and a member of Project SP.

Introduction Video


Nana's introduction video.


Nana is a high school girl who has a pair of rabbit ears. She loves sweets, especially ice cream and crepes.

She also plays video games staying up late.



On 13 February 2019, Nana debuted on bilibili.


On 26 May, she celebrated her 30,000 followers, with her new appearance revealed.

On 21 October, she posted her first original song Goodbye My Vacation.


On 3 April, Nana was crying at her livestream before she off the stream, which made audiences worried about what happened to her[1][2]; on the same day, Project SP (the club which Nana belongs to) stated that Nana would pause her activity on bilibili due to health issues[3]. Her illness is unknown.

On 30 April, she collaborated with Muse Dash with a new song and outfit revealed.


  • Nana's favourite game is Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Nana's ears can be hidden in her hair, which makes she looks like an ordinary human girl.
  • Before Nana debuted as a VTuber, she was active as an utaite, who posted some song covers.


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