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Ayunda Risu (アユンダ・リス) is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its Indonesian (ID) branch first generation of VTubers alongside Airani Iofifteen and Moona Hoshinova.

Introduction Video


【hololiveID first debut】Can Squirrel be an Idol too ? 【Ayunda Risu】

Ayunda's introduction.

Hewwrroo everyone ~!!”; “Purupuru ganbari Risu ~!”

A squirrel girl from a magical forest.

She was lost in the human world, but due to certain circumstances, she ends up living in the home of a kind older sister.

To return the favor, she decides to become a Vtuber.

Risu act, most of the time, just like a squirrel she is. She loves to do subtle pranks on people, shy with new people, and love to tease her viewer. Her laugh is also one of her unique characterictic.[sic][6]
A squirrel girl who comes from the magicial forest.

She once lost her way in the human realm, but was then saved by a kind-hearted woman with whom she is now living. She treats this woman as her big sis.

She debuted as a VTuber just to repay her.[7]


Risu has a humorous, high-energy and extremely friendly personality, not unlike Inugami Korone. Risu's interactions with Moona and Iofi, other hololive members and anyone in general, has given her the reputation of being exceedingly sweet, kind and personable; as well as silly and mischievous.

Risu is also known for her randomness-examples of this include the multitude of 2-5 second long videos uploaded to her channel that consist of single words, phrases, or noises. She also had a stream where all she did was whistle and another that consisted of her counting coins from Moona's piggybank.

According to herself she can be described as cheerful, clumsy and a crybaby.



Her Twitter account was created on March 2020, while her first tweet was made on 6 April,[8] her YouTube channel was created on 3 March and her debut stream was on 10 April.[9]


On 29 June, hololive Indonesia's main channel published a cover of Ochame Kinou featuring all of hololive Indonesia's first generation members, making Risu's first cover song.

On 14 August, it was announced on the official hololive Indonesia Twitter account that their 1st Gen members would get a new outfit for each commemorating Indonesia's Independence Day.[10]

On 16 August, she debuted her second 2D costume. In this costume she wears a white floral dress, with a belt bellow the chest, she also uses a small hat on her left ear.[11]

On 10 November, Risu premiered her first solo cover, "KING" by Kanaria.

On 6 December, Risu reached 300,000 subcribers on YouTube.[12]


On 11 March, Risu reached 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.[13]

On 15 April, she and the other holoID gen one members revealed that there are plans for them to get their 3D models at some point in 2021.[14]

On 12 June, she showcased the 2.0 version of her 2D model during a stream. The new features include being able to remove her beret and/or jacket, more facial expressions, a rounder face and better movement tracking.[15]

On 11 August, Risu reached 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, making her the 40th hololive member to reach this milestone.[16]

On 15 August, during their AREA 15 segment, Iofi announced that hololive ID 1st Gen member would receive their third 2D costumes soon.[17]

On 21 October, Risu debuted her third 2D costume, a dark brown witch costume. Typical of a witch costume, the costume has a witch hat decorated with fuchsia flowers, golden leaves and light pink feathers that turn darker on the tips. The inner edge of the hat is golden. She wears a white blouse decorated with a black ribbon with a red jewel in the middle, white gloves, a long skirt that go just below the chest. The skirt has various layers, the first one is dark brown and is shaped like a corset around her waist, put together with golden laces and chain which has a red jewel in the tip. At the center of this layer there is a black piece of cloth that seems to be part of the same layer; as the skirt's front, this cloth and the ones around it are "V" shaped at the edge of the skirt, all of them decorated again with red jewels. The rest of the skirt has its edges straight and adorned with Fleur-de-lis just like the one at the center. The second layer is a black skirt. Risu wears long socks and black shoes. The outfit is complemented by a small coat, the coat's sleeves go just below her elbow. She can remove both the hat and the coat. In lore, Risu presents herself under an alter ego named "Ayunda" while wearing this outfit.[18]

On 14 November, hololive's Twitter account announced that the 3D debuts for hololive Indonesia's first generation would be postponed for the rest of the year due to the unpredictable situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.[19]


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  • On 7 July 2021, Comifuro Twitter account announced that every hololive Indonesia member would appear in "Comifuro Virtual," Risu alongside with Kureiji Ollie would appear as hosts.[20]

Mascot & Fans

  • Her mascot is a pink squirrel that wears a hat, choker and hairpin similar to hers named "Riscot", which was drawn by Aragami Oga.
  • Her fanbase is officially called "Risuners" (based on the word "Listeners"), or "Prisuners" (based on the word "Prisoners") for members.


  • "People nowadays tried so much to be different to the point they forget about who they really are and what they really like. Truth is, don't try so hard to be different that it makes you forget who you really are."
  • "If we work hard we'll get 3D, right? Lets work hard. Yes, and stay hard! wait..."
  • "Eh… nani?"
  • "You had nuts. I have your nuts. We are nut the same."


  • Risu's original name "Tupaia Splendidula" is assumed to be the scientific name of her species, Ruddy Treeshrew. It could also be a language and word mix of Indonesian ("tupai") and English ("splendid") origin, which fully means "Splendid Squirrel".
  • In addition to Indonesian, she can also speak English and Japanese.
  • Risu has a notably wide vocal-range, even for a singer. At the request of fans she's been able to portray a considerable range of identities through voice affectation, even convincing impersonations of other hololive members. Risu's fans frequently refer to these identities emulated through voice as "Risu DLC's".
    • Because of her wide vocal-range, her whistle-like laugh and having said she's a huge fan of Inugami Korone, there is a running joke that Risu is the child of Korone and Nekomata Okayu.
  • She also gets along with Zen Gunawan, a male Indonesian Vtuber from Mahapanca, and have had several collabs together.
  • Due to this quality acting as reinforcement to her singing talent, many fans have joked that she has helped restoring Motoaki Tanigo's (also widely known by the moniker "YAGOO") dream to create an idol company.
  • She lives in the same house together with the other members of hololive Indonesia's 1st Generation, Moona Hoshinova and Airani Iofifteen.
  • She is scared of dogs (an admittedly appropriate trait for a squirrel-girl).
    • Her debut-stream featured an instance where her neighbor's dog suddenly began loudly barking, making Risu excessively nervous.
    • Despite being scared of dogs, she mentioned herself to be a big fan of Korone and has mentioned wanting to do collaborations with her.
      • On 7 December 2020, Risu collabed with Korone for the first time, playing Phasmaphobia together.
  • She's part of a group called "Kirakira Collab" (キラキラコラボ), along with Airani Iofifteen, Arurandeisu and Aragami Oga. They stream a game together once a month.
  • She has a bad sense of direction, shown in her first DOOM stream.
  • Her fanart tag #GambaRisu came from the words "Gambar + Risu" from Indonesian language which literally means Picture/Image of Risu.
  • Beginning on 1 November 2020 and ending on 30 November 2020, Risu has posted short form videos on her channel in observance of "Nonstop Nut November" (a parody of the internet meme "No Nut November"), wherein she extols the virtues of various nuts and how much she, a squirrel girl, loves them.
  • After "Nonstop Nut November" ended on 30 November 2020, Risu quickly started DDD, or "Devour Doughnut December", the following day on December 1st, and talks about a different type, flavor or weird trivia about doughnuts each day.
  • She shares her birthday with Holostars member Aragami Oga.
    • In 2021, they both released a duet of "DADDY! DADDY! DO!" on their channels, each featuring themselves as the main vocals for the song and the other as backing vocalist.

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