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Baacharu (ばあちゃる, lit. "virtual" with a pun of horse) is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on July 20, 2017. He claims to be the world's first male Virtual YouTuber.

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Baacharu's introduction.


Baacharu is known for his height, muscular complexion and the fact that he wears a suit and horse head mask. He always uses, as catch phrases, the words "Hai" (はい), "Fu" (フ) and "Iya" (いや), which he repeats while speaking very fast. Because he started activities as a VTuber earlier than others, he often acts in a patronizing way.


  • He belongs to company "App land"; the same as Siro.
  • Currently Cyber-girl Siro regards him as a caregiver.
  • In September 2017, he stopped making videos due to low views and subscribers, nonetheless, thanks to the success of Siro (and many more VTubers), he resumed activities on December 2017[1]
  • His favorite food is, interestingly, sashimi made out of horse meat.
  • On 9 August 2018, he was part of a birthday DJ event called Ubiba night at Lounge Neo. Siro may not have been impressed.
  • Since the debut of .Live's Idolbu, he is the Producer of the group and he is also the host of several activities related to them.
  • By looking at his red necktie in more detail, it can be seen that it has a pattern of beige circles with the face of Siro.

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