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Baguette (バゲット) is a French virtual YouTuber best known for his illustrations and Live2D, but he is also a gamer and likes to collaborate with other VTubers.

Introduction Video


【Self introduction】Vtuber Q&A with Baguette

Baguette's introduction.




  • Once upon a time, there was a lonely old wizard that lived in a red rundown shack nearby a small town. His name was Atlantes. For years, he wanted a child to love and care for as his own. So taking the time to study many books, he tried to learn how to make a soul born from magic; but could not make a stable soul from it.
    Sometime later, to take his mind off of his work, he went to the town bakery to purchase bread. The old wizard came into the bakery, where he looked around, and he saw many bakery goods up on display; it felt cozy and smelled terrific. Then noticed a younger lad at the counter; the old wizard walked over, smiled, and introduced himself to the boy.
    “Hello lad, my name is Atlantes, and I would like to purchase your freshest bread. Everything smells wonderful here.”
    The young lad smiled at the old wizard and introduced himself as well.
    “Yes, sir! My name is James, and I can ready our freshest Baguette! Thank you, I work very hard to make everything delicious!”
    The boy quickly got to work on Atlantes’ order; however, something about the man interested James in getting to know where he was from; he’s never seen the man before, so he started to make small talk with him.
    “So, have you been around these parts long, sir? I’ve never seen you before. I know my ma would have mentioned you. You see, she is sick right now, so I wanted to help; my grand da taught me how to bake, and it’s been a few months now, I reckon.”
    “I’m not from around here, my boy! I’m sorry your mother is not well; however, she has a good son to watch over her and her bakery too!”
    The boy’s eyes widened with joy, and he thanked the man profusely. Sometime later, the order was complete, and Atlantes paid the boy handsomely well. The young lad thanked him, and Atlantes went on his way back to his shack.
    While at his shack, he kept thinking of James; he helped him today at the bakery. Atlantes wanted his child to have similar traits, showing respect and responsibility, understanding, commitment, and love. He eventually found it possible to make a soul with stable magic! This was all done at his shack and, to be precise, a child born from bread! He named him Baguette thanks to the boy named James at the bakery, and he was delighted to have a son of his own.
    Baguette was a brilliant child; they could speak multiple languages. Thanks to the magic-infused with his soul, he could use magic; to change his look, and he improved his ability to cast more prominent spells.
    Baguette had eventually decided he wanted to own a café and called it Baguette’s café; the area around the café was in the middle of the small town, and business boomed well thanks to his father Atlantes.
    A few months went by, and Atlantes was outside the café with Baguette; Atlantes talked to Baguette of a new way to reach more potential customers from the gossip at the wizard marketplace. It was a whole new world; the people of that world were unlike anything Atlantes had heard of, but he felt it would be good business if Baguette went and expanded his café; this made Baguette excited. So he left his Baguette café for his father to run in the small town. Eventually, Baguette remade a cafe to fit appropriately for this new world. This was the start of his new vtuber journey and a brand new experience to gain and learn from.

Likes and dislikes

  • Baguette's favorite foods and drinks are bread, chips, coffee and green tea.
  • He likes anime and drawing "Waifus".
  • Baguette's favorite pastime is chilling out at night and watching VTubers.
  • He hates hot temperatures, math, mosquitoes, spiders, and playing horror games alone.


  • His goals are to become a famous anime artist, to get a "baguette figure," to improve his singing, to learn more Japanese, to collaborate with many VTubers, and to make everyone love bread.
  • Baguette's species is "Bread" or "Bread Boi" as he calls it. He is a magically transformed bread and his gender is male.
  • Baguette was born in France and can speak French, Cantonese, English and Japanese to some extent (He admitted that he can read only hiragana). Their streams are mostly in English.

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