Baguette-chan (バゲットちゃん) also known in Japanese as French Bread-chan (フランスパンちゃん Furansu Pan chan) is a female Japanese / French / English Virtual YouTuber and, according to herself she's a virtual piece of bread. She debuted on YouTube on 2019 and she also do livestreams on Twitch.

Introduction Video

【自己紹介 Self Introduction】 フランスパン Baguette Vtuber!

【自己紹介 Self Introduction】 フランスパン Baguette Vtuber!

Baguette-chan's Introduction Video.



  • Baguette-chan was born in France and she can speak French, English and Japanese at some extent (she admits she can only read hiragana)
  • Baguette-chan loves Baguettes and hates doves.

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