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Ban Hada (반하다) is a Korean female Virtual YouTuber affiliated with Nijisanji KR as the fifth wave alongside Seffyna and Song Mia.

Introduction Video


【DEBUT】AHOY🏴‍☠️! NIJISANJI KR '반하다' 데뷔 방송!

Hada's debut stream.



Hada is a friendly, down-to-earth girl, who also shows her emotions easily in her streams. Always having a snack on her table, it isn't uncommon to hear Hada munching on a snack on stream while discussing on a topic at hand. While she does seem to have a calm demeanor initially, over time Hada grew more at ease with streaming in front of an audience, not afraid to speak up her mind on certain topics whenever necessary.

In collaborations, she has been seen to have a shy exterior when collaborating with others for the first time. However, once this barrier has been broken, Hada shows a very supportive personality for her new friends, retweeting their streams and sometimes appearing in their stream chats as well.

She loves her Nijisanji KR family greatly, making posts both in Korean and in English denouncing personal attacks that have been directed at both herself and other Nijisanji KR members. [2][3] [4]


"Me? I loved travelling across the seas, so as a coming-of-age celebration, I decided to travel alone but lost my way in Virtual Australia (sademoji). [Yes best friends with Koalas and Kangaroos]. I became a bit lonely, so I decided to debut, to meet everyone!" ~ Ban Hada in her debut stream[5]



Hada's YouTube channel was created on 20 April 2021 and her Twitter account was created on April 2021.

On 23 April, 2021, the names of the fifth generation of Nijisanji KR members were revealed, as well as their Twitter accounts.[6]

She made her first tweet on 23 April 2021[7].

On 27 April, 2021, it was announced that the members would hold their debut streams on 30 April, 2021.[8] Hada was the second of the three to debut.


On 26 May, she opened her membership officially. [9]

On 17 July, she held her first Twitch stream. [10]

On 27 August, she held her first Twitcasting stream. [11]


  • On August 8 2021, Ban Hada participated in the APEX Midsummer Custom hosted by VirtuaReal, with Lee Siu and Min Suha, finishing in first place.[12] In the final tally of the killscore leaderboards, Hada ranked sixth.[13]


  • Her fans are officially called the "kaizocrew", portrayed as koalas wearing a blue bandana while wearing a blue shirt with white horizontal stripes. [14]



  • Shares an character designer with Utami Marin (歌美マリン), Karasuma Kohane (烏丸こはね) and Hairo Noin (灰狼ノイン) of i-Live.
  • Her fanbase calls her Captain.
  • Multilingual and is fluent in 3 languages, Korean, Japanese and English.
  • The term "banhada(반하다)" also means "fall in love" in Korean.
  • She uses Reru in her greetings, such as Konreru (こんれる)and Otsureru (おつれる), also expanding to a few variations such as PAINRERU. A viewer commented that in Japanese, a nickname could be 惚れる (Ho re ru), which also meant "fall in love". Hada took note of this and thus shifted to the usage of reru both in her greetings, and as a possible nickname.[15]
  • Her parents regularly watch her streams, and are very supportive of her streaming activity. There has been an occasion where Hada has talked about Ban Mama not being able to watch her first membership stream due to not understanding how membership streams worked.[16]

Likes and dislikes

  • On her debut stream, she has noted to like these activities: Play time, sleeping, games, drawing, singing, animals and POG. [17]
  • Her favorite games are mainly FPS oriented: Apex Legends and Valorant, while also playing a bit of League of Legends with her Nijisanji KR friends.[17]
  • She has no idea what she dislikes, while also showing visible confusion on the game Among Us. [17]
  • Her favorite Ice Cream flavor is Hockey Pockey.
  • Her favorite Pokemon is ​Minccino.
  • Her preferred Apex Legends are mostly Recon Legends with her favorite being Crypto.

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