Beilene (ベイレーン) is a Virtual YouTuber and part of Eilene's Anime Sisters (That also include Eilene herself and Beno). She along with Moemi, Yomemi and Moe, is part of the VTuber channels produced by Eilene's studio ICETEA.

Originally, Beilene was a gag character that appeared on the original Eilene and Beno's Anime Sisters Comedy series and she is the oldest of the Anime Sisters. Eventually, she appeared on the Moemi channel as a secondary character along with Eilene and Beno and was also the lead on several rant videos in the channel which later became the Mirai Akari Project channel.

In 1 April 2018, a video in which she made her debut as a VTuber was released as a prank for April Fools day. In October 2018, she made an update video assuring that she indeed would become a VTuber and she would have a new image.

Introduction Video



Beilene makes an Easter comeback! 【VTuber?】
(Beilene's Introduction Video.)


Beilene is Eilene's older sister. Eilene describes Beilene as a chibi, flat-chested corporate slave with no boyfriend. Beilene is known for her crassness and rudeness towards her younger sisters and people in general. She is fond of insulting people and things she finds stupid (like Naruto or Japanese people using Anglicisms). She is also known for her sadistic behaviors and being prone to violent outbursts. She is very self-conscious about her body (particularly in comparison to her youngest sister, Beno).


  • Beilene was originally an in-joke from Eilene's earlier videos (as Eilene only had Beno as a sibling). Then, Beilene appeared and she was designed with a crude appearance on purpose.
  • Beilene is apparently an avid consumer of Internet pornography, if what is shown on her second video is believed.
  • Beilene mocked YUA on Twitter by using a troll image that appeared first on one of 4chan's /jp/ Virtual YouTuber threads. [1] Yua apparently retaliated by blocking her. [2]
  • After a controversial video, in which she discusses and criticizes the current state of the Virtual YouTuber trend and regarding the fad as outdated, she reverted to her original design. It is not clear if the change is permanent. [3]
  • Since March 2019, all of Beilene's original videos are no longer available on the now Mirai Akari Project channel, as they were expurgated from the channel and the channel now only shows Mirai Akari's content. It is uncertain if the content will be re-uploaded on Beilene's channel.
  • On 9 March 2019, a new character called Sifir Esirer (シフィール・エシラー) debuted on Beilene's channel. Sifi (シフィ), as she wants to be called, appeared on the Anime Sister's house after Beilene brought her from another dimension, the World of Yggdrasil. [4] Since then, she uploads videos on Beilene's behalf. [5]

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