Itou Kaiji (微糖カイジ Bitou Kaiji) was a male Japanese vrtual YouTuber, whose existence was controversial as his name and persona were copied from the copyrighted anime/manga character Kaiji Itou. He created and led the BANs group of controversial YouTubers. In May 2018, he seemed to have ceased operations and deleted most of the content on his YouTube channel.

On 2 June 2018, Tenkai Tukasa, a new YouTube channel with a similar-but-different character, happened to appear.

Introduction Video

This video was deleted.


Itou Kaiji spoke seriously and in kaiji-style words and he was a little shy and scary.


He had almost the same appearance as the anime/manga character of the same name.


Itou Kaiji as the leader of the BANS team had erased all his videos because his character had been denounced for copyright reasons. His dismissal video had also been erased by him. Many of the BANS team were waiting for his return.


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