• Miria1712

    thành viên ms

    September 23, 2018 by Miria1712

    mk là miria từ nay mong m.n giúp đỡ

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  • Shiesuchi

    There are more than 4000 Virtual YouTubers according to a UserLocal news release from July 2018. UserLocal's classification seems to be quite broad (e.g. including non-motion-capture animated characters) so even considering the time since that release, I suspect that the real number now (August 2018) is lower, maybe ~2000 VTubers, but rising quickly.

    This Virtual YouTuber wiki doesn't have a specific goal for inclusivity, but my preference would be be similar to Wikipedia's, where most "notable" VTubers would have pages. But it is difficult to determine notability in an online world as the biggest factor, subscriber count, can be influenced by bots, advertising or short-term fads.

    It takes me between 7 and ~30 minutes to add one new Vtuber t…

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  • Lunachanthejoker


    May 20, 2018 by Lunachanthejoker


    [hide]#About her

      1. Appearance
      2. Personality
      3. Backstory

    Luna Chan is a teenage girl who hopes to grow up to be a voice actress, her channel includes let's plays of anime game and the occasional FNAF stream, but mostly of anime idol english covers.

    She currently has over 30 subs on her account, most of them being friends but she has talked to some cool people, like the Comisquad and Edkun.

    She currently voice acts as Holli and Aline in Emeraldnacho's Minecraft Role play, Hotel Hostages.

    Her OC was drawn by EDkun, it is a girl with black hair, along with the same colour ears and tail, a light Blue-green shirt and wears a cresent moon with her initials "LC" on it.==Luna Chan== [1]===Also Known as=== Luna-Chan or Luna





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  • DerPresenz
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  • DerPresenz

    Sources to review

    April 8, 2018 by DerPresenz

    • /wiki_pages/95416

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  • DerPresenz


    April 3, 2018 by DerPresenz

    This wiki looks like it has been abandoned, as of 2 April 2018 there are only two active contributors Skiyoshi and I. I submitted a request to adopt the wiki, since the only administrator seems to have last edited in 2017.

    I might not be the best one, but I'm willing to do my best to make this wiki a good wiki about Virtual YouTubers

    On the mean time let's make this wiki a place where people can learn about their favourite Virtual YouTubers

    Here you can see the list of users that contribute to this wiki

    If any of you want to say something please comment.

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