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Mnafisalmukhdi1 Mnafisalmukhdi1 26 days ago

NIJISANJI ID's members list, in height order

These heights are in cm. I really wish could make a video from this list.

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Haram999 Haram999 24 March

hololive subs milestones

  • based on JST time. not really... but almost.

  • 1 500k
  • 2 1,000,000
  • 3 1,500,000
  • 4 2,000,000
  • 5 2,500,000
  • 6 3,000,000
  • 7 3,500,000

01: Shirakami Fubuki: 19 April 2020

02: Minato Aqua: 30 May 2020

03: Inugami Korone: 3 July 2020

04: Usada Pekora: 22 July 2020

05: Kiryu Coco: 3 August 2020

06: Houshou Marine: 5 August 2020

07: Natsuiro Matsuri: 14 August 2020

08: Akai Haato: 16 August 2020

09: Uruha Rushia: 4 September 2020

10: Shirogane Noel: 7 September 2020

11: Nekomata Okayu: 10 September 2020

12: Gawr Gura: 26 September 2020

13: Hoshimachi Suisei: 27 September 2020

14: Sakura Miko: 1 October 2020

15: Tsunomaki Watame: 15 October 2020

16: Mori Calliope: 22 October 2020

17: Watson Amelia: 25 October 2020

18: Tokino Sora: 26 October 2020

19: Oozora Subaru: 3 November 2020

20: Nak…

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Luongtranduc2011 Luongtranduc2011 11 March

Airplanes with VTuber skins that I know

]] ]] ]]

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Grantōra Grantōra 18 January

Nijisanji Promotional Art

An extensive list of artworks released by Nijisanji promoting Livers merch, events, and collaborations. Due to Nijisanji's huge library of promotional artwork, there are some instances where it is forgotten and hasn't yet been added to their individual gallery which let me tell you varied in quality. You could interpret this blog as something of a collection of the new and the old and I'll try my best to find each of them to the best of my ability. A few things to clear some stuffs out:

  1. As the title suggests only the ones that Nijisanji officially release and promote usually indicated by a copyright symbol from ANYCOLOR Inc. and some of their associates, if there are none included then I have to take the illustrator statement at face value …

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MCPopFan MCPopFan 17 January

How to create your first VTuber page

This blog has been deemed outdated, a new official article on formats will be posted in the future
Last updated: ..

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JoshuaTrinh JoshuaTrinh 17 November 2021

Hi there

1st blog post

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Ratratrat098 Ratratrat098 1 October 2021

Kawaii Production

I'm back though I'll still maintain my semi-active semi-inactive role in this wiki. I'll mainly add information, edit and manage the pages for Kawaii Production pages. I also started learning how to use Discord so I might drop by someday. I get busy from time to time because I'm drawing fanart.

Specifically I'll manage:

  • Coleman Isla
  • Suzu Charlotte
  • Amano Nene
  • Sun Reina
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Mnafisalmukhdi1 Mnafisalmukhdi1 20 September 2021

NIJISANJI ID members' birthdays

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ニシキ ニシキ 2 September 2021

Kuzuha 1M Subs!!!

Kuzuha from Nijisanji just reached 1 million subscribers!!!


It is a big milestone for him as the first Nijisanji liver as well as the first male VTuber to do so.

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ニシキ ニシキ 31 August 2021

BFJ Streamer Cup

On 30 August 2021, Battlefield Japan Community held a friendly invitational Battle Field V tournament called BFJ Streamer Cup (Battlefield Japan Community Streamer Cup).

There were 2 teams, 16 squads, and 64 streamers participating; amongst them, 13 VTubers were participating: Kaminari Qpi, Kurumi Noah, Kisaragi Ren, Tosaki Mimi, Ichinose Uruha, Higuchi Kaede, Shibuya Hajime, Kanda Shoichi, Nagao Kei, Yakumo Beni, Nun Bora, Shiina Yuika, and Hinokuma Ran.

Four rounds were held on Rotterdam, Devastation, Solomon Islands, and Arras respectively.

Unfortunately, I could not find any leaderboards and my non-existent understanding of this game lead me to not knowing the final results. Pien. Nevertheless, I have updated participating VTubers' event se…

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ニシキ ニシキ 22 August 2021

VSaikyoS3 Otsukaresama

It's a wrap!!

Apex Legends VTuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament S3 has finally ended. Congratulation for all winners!

It's been an eventful week with gruelling practices, scrims, pre-event festival, main event, and post-event festival.

It was full of adrenaline, fatigue, upsets, disappointments, gratefulness, growth, screams, cries, laughters, happiness, and FUN!

Time to update the results and adding new pages too :D

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ニシキ ニシキ 11 August 2021

Happy Birthday, Izuru-kun!

Happy 20th birthday! 🎉

You are now an adult who can drink sake legally 🍻

May your days be blessed and your wishes to come true.

I look forward for the adult Izuru-kun :D

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Raffina Higashikata Raffina Higashikata 12 July 2021

My take on celebrity and popularity of hololive members

This list mainly focuses on the main branch, with several references to international and Holostars being listed separately from the main branch.

First of all, there seems to be differences in the degree of name recognition between Japanese and English-speaking audiences, so I'll list the both separately as well.

  • 1 English-speaking audience / Kaigai-nikis
    • 1.1 Tier 1: The Elite Four
    • 1.2 Tier 2: Elite Four Reserves
    • 1.3 Tier 3: Have a chance of potential surge in popularity
    • 1.4 Bonus Tier: The Three Horsemen of Holostars
  • 2 Japanese audience
    • 2.1 Tier 1
    • 2.2 Tier 2
    • 2.3 Tier 3
    • 2.4 The Four Gods of international branches

These four probably are who English-speaking audience think of when it comes to hololive. While Fubuki and Miko have been long-time staples, Coco star…

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Hyperus18 Hyperus18 5 July 2021

Coco's Graduation: An In-Universe Explanation

A child dragon (3,500 years old is young in dragon years) who is fond of human culture. She traveled from another universe to ours, just to study Japanese in a random language school.

Also an honorable and heroic dragon who is filled with justice. Despite trying really hard to keep her human form, she failed to do so, thus graduating from Hololive and going on to become a dragon who desires to help Japan, and eventually our world and her original dimension.

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MamaWowowow MamaWowowow 19 May 2021


I'm here to fix some typo

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Glados5555 Glados5555 10 March 2021


just here to help expand the wiki lol

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SilvicTheRapENVTuber SilvicTheRapENVTuber 7 March 2021

Help Making a Page

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Fumiko-Amari and Akito-Kita Fumiko-Amari and Akito-Kita 12 February 2021

first time doing this

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Rosedarkling77 Rosedarkling77 7 February 2021

DSP Daughters

Don't mind me. Just a Deep-Sea Prisoner fanatic on a stroll.

I am here to help her beautiful Vtubing daughters with some editing on their pages. :)

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Taminze Taminze 3 February 2021

Moving a VTuber into the right category


HaruMaruTan is a German VTuber/Streamer but I can't see her in the german category.

Is there someone who could move her fandom page into the right category? I already tried... but failed... ,__,

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Ramazansyah Ramazansyah 9 January 2021

SEA VTuber

I feel that lately VTuber Indonesia has felt accompanied by the existence of MyHolo TV, the VTuber agency from Malaysia. With the existence of Liliana Vampaia, Indonesia is now not the only Southeast Asian country that has VTuber. In addition, the existence of VTuber from Thailand and the Philippines has accompanied Indonesia as part of the large Southeast Asian VTuber community. Unfortunately, not all SEA countries are capable of producing VTubers. I hope that someday the SEA countries will have at least 1 VTuber representative from their own country.

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Weeabooski Weeabooski 19 December 2020

Maternal Instincts

Aha, so this is what it feels like~

I'm really starting to feel that sensation of "how dare you" if a person lays a hand on one of the articles I've made or majorly contributed to, even if it's a perfectly constructive edit that adds to the page's value... I need to stop this, lest I turn into an elitist scum...

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Monchmonster Monchmonster 19 December 2020

Nijisanji Guide!

So, as a pretty big Nijisanji Fan, I know the struggles when it comes to keeping up/getting to know more about Nijisanji and their Livers, especially since there are about 120+ Livers under the company. So, to help others who are new to Nijisanji or people who want to get more about Nijisanji and how to navigate more efficiently, I made a thread on Twitter called Nijisanji Guide!

You can check out the thread here: I'll be updating the thread frequently, please check it out!

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Boxtonyu Boxtonyu 5 December 2020

Else von Edelstein

I saw this Japanese channel not long ago, run by Murase Tomoe and Else von Edelstein. Else is a v-tuber, do you guys think she can be on this wiki?

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Weeabooski Weeabooski 29 November 2020

New Contributor

Hello Everyone!

I am the Weeabooski, and I just joined the site yesterday. My account was created more-or-less to begin work on the page/gallery for a Vtuber named Yayanehi who, despite having 6k subscribers, has yet to gain a page (Though I attribute this to her decently rapid growth in the past few months). I'd appreciate any criticism or advice on any of my posts/edits, thank you in advance!

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Ratratrat098 Ratratrat098 26 October 2020

I'm back

I'm back again to edit and add content to the vtubers I follow. Actually, I started watching vtubers again in December 25, 2019. My break from vtuber was very short since my oshi came back. I created the page for her. It pains me that she had to hiatus again. Anyway, I'm following more vtubers this time.

I'm currently following:

Tokoyami Towa

Sio introduced me to her. They collaborated a lot before Sio's hiatus. I love love love this girl.

Momosuzu Nene

The other girl that I like so much. She's simple-minded, optimistic and cheerful. I hope more people subscribe to her.

Hirasaka Mei

I learned about this girl from a Haato video. I like how she keeps saying desu wa. Such dedication.

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Justin R1234 Justin R1234 12 October 2020


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Snowrabbit27 Snowrabbit27 20 September 2020


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Chikalah Chikalah 15 August 2020



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FoxtrotFridays FoxtrotFridays 24 March 2020

JP to EN Translator for Ryushen Info?

Hey VTuber wiki community,

If there is a JP to EN translator out there who doesn't mind doing a small translation thing, could you translate this short transcript from one of Ryushen's livestreams regarding their answer to a question about gender? I don't know Japanese myself so I didn't want to rely on a machine translation that has a high probability of misinterpreting Ryushen's words.

Here is a part of the transcript that I'm particularly interested in: 性別はあるけど、それが男なのか女なのかっていうのは、正直人生生きる上で重きに置いてない部分あるから、あまり必要ないよねっていうので伏せてる。And here's the link to the entire post if you would like to see the more complete response: 

I hope someone will be able to help me out, thank you!

- Foxtrot

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Skiyoshi Skiyoshi 17 February 2020

Wiki Needs Major Updates

Being inactive as I am on the wiki, 2019 was a big year for overseas vtubers to come to debut. Many have come and gone, and with my absence the English section of the wiki has become horribly outdated. There's many people that are missing completely from the wiki and some who have graduated from the Minor Vtuber page. It will take time to make the wiki up to date.

Since I am one person you are welcome to message me on the wiki about making you a page as I am not aware of every English vtuber any more. Thank you for your patience.

Entries I need to do:

Free Dimension

Kyrie Ai



Silvervale (_SilverVale_)



Rune Bunnura

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DerPresenz DerPresenz 9 December 2019

Hololive VTubers info

Some of the information posted here was deleted from Hololive VTubers pages. Feel free to re-add them, but make sure to organize it first as indicated in the Contribution Guideline.

  • All images, with the exception of the profile image, and all videos except the introduction videos go in the gallery page of each VTuber.
  • This page may contain duplicate information
  • This page will be deleted later

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Miria1712 Miria1712 23 September 2018

thành viên ms

mk là miria từ nay mong m.n giúp đỡ

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Shiesuchi Shiesuchi 27 August 2018

List of VTubers for whom I am not creating articles yet

There are more than 4000 Virtual YouTubers according to a UserLocal news release from July 2018. UserLocal's classification seems to be quite broad (e.g. including non-motion-capture animated characters) so even considering the time since that release, I suspect that the real number now (August 2018) is lower, maybe ~2000 VTubers, but rising quickly.

This Virtual YouTuber wiki doesn't have a specific goal for inclusivity, but my preference would be be similar to Wikipedia's, where most "notable" VTubers would have pages. But it is difficult to determine notability in an online world as the biggest factor, subscriber count, can be influenced by bots, advertising or short-term fads.

It takes me between 7 and ~30 minutes to add one new Vtuber t…

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Lunachanthejoker Lunachanthejoker 20 May 2018


  • 1 Luna Chan the Joker
    • 1.1 Contents
    • 1.2 About her Edit
      • 1.2.1 Appearance Edit
      • 1.2.2 Age
      • 1.2.3 Status
      • 1.2.4 Gender
      • 1.2.5 Channel
        • Edit
      • 1.2.6 Personality Edit
      • 1.2.7 Backstory Edit


[hide]#About her

    1. Appearance
    2. Personality
    3. Backstory

Luna Chan is a teenage girl who hopes to grow up to be a voice actress, her channel includes let's plays of anime game and the occasional FNAF stream, but mostly of anime idol english covers.

She currently has over 30 subs on her account, most of them being friends but she has talked to some cool people, like the Comisquad and Edkun.

She currently voice acts as Holli and Aline in Emeraldnacho's Minecraft Role play, Hotel Hostages.

Her OC was drawn by EDkun, it is a girl with black hair, along with the same colour ea…

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DerPresenz DerPresenz 18 May 2018

List of Female VTubers

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DerPresenz DerPresenz 8 April 2018

Sources to review

  • 1 Virtual YouTuber list
  • 2 Links
  • 3 Images
  • 4 Videos

  • (death link)
  • (death link)
    • (archived page)
  • /wiki_pages/95416
  • /wiki_pages/list_of_virtual_youtubers

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DerPresenz DerPresenz 3 April 2018


This wiki looks like it has been abandoned, as of 2 April 2018 there are only two active contributors Skiyoshi and I. I submitted a request to adopt the wiki, since the only administrator seems to have last edited in 2017.

I might not be the best one, but I'm willing to do my best to make this wiki a good wiki about Virtual YouTubers

On the mean time let's make this wiki a place where people can learn about their favourite Virtual YouTubers

Here you can see the list of users that contribute to this wiki

If any of you want to say something please comment.

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