Bunga is an Indonesian female Virtual YouTuber who started her initial activities on 21 July 2020. She is affiliated with one of Indonesia's VTuber circles; Prof. Harunozuka & Comrade.


Flowers is a calm and a active talker person. When she explains something, she has a performance that is close to the standard of teachers in Indonesia. She sometimes likes to chuckles in between conversations.


Her Twitter account was created in June 2020, while her YouTube channel was created on 20 April 2020 and started its first activity on 21 July 2020. Despite starting her activities, Bunga never show or debuted her stream at all.


  • In Bunga's life, she never did a blood type test.
  • She really likes flowers, cute things, and sweet taste and has a hobby of listening to music.
  • She worked as Head of Public Relations who unknown to the agency.

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