Bunny Sushi

Bunny Sushi, is a Spanish-speaking VTuber and streamer from Chile who started streaming in January 2019. She mainly does just chatting streams, gaming streams, and sometimes karaoke.


Bunny is very cheerful, cute and adorable, and interacts very closely with viewers through her streams. Her followers describe her as adorable, funny, kind, talkative and are eager to take care of her.



Bunny first broadcasted in January 2019 on Twitch, her main platform, however it was only meant for her friends. Later she began posting videos from VRChat on Youtube.


In mid-September, during a stream on Twitch, Bunny received Suwie's Raid, which caused more people to know her.


  • She is described as a rabbit that comes from the moon
  • Her avatar is called Tsukino Usagi which translates to English as Rabbit of the Moon
    • This is also a reference to the actual Tsukino Usagi, the main protagonist of the Sailor Moon series.
  • She mainly speaks Spanish, but sometimes she speaks English. She mentions that she is not considered to speak English well.
  • Never missing a "bunny fail" in their streams

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