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This page is about independent Twitch VTuber Camila. For Typecast's AI VTuber, see Camila (Typecast).

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Camila is an English speaking independent imp VTuber. Her name is pronounced Cuh-Meal-Uh, not Cuh-Mil-A. She regularly streams on Twitch.

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Camila 's introduction


She has short pink hair with two smaller pigtails that has some white streaks and pointed ears with purple eyes and black wings coming out of her head.


Her fans are called Cimp, the byproduct of a cat being resurrected by an imp.


  • Her last name is Inpu
  • She likes Sushi, Peach ice tea, Physical touch, Horror and romance movies, and Concerts
  • She Dislikes Drugs, Bugs that fly, Country music, Children, Long sleeve shirts, Thunder, and Feet
  • Her hobbies are video games, digital art, singing, role playing, cooking/baking, and working out.
  • She is of Lebanese ancestry
  • She was born in 1999 or 2000 (she stated her age as 23 in a stream in July 2023)[1]
  • Camila received a job offer from one of the storyboarders to work on Steven Universe: Future, but turned it down due to feeling she wasn't ready to move away from home to near where the studio was at the time.[2]
  • Camila planned to major in pharmacy in college and do 2D character design on the side prior to starting as a streamer during the COVID-19 pandemic[2]
  • She stated she was inspired to become a VTuber by seeing Foxplushy's model[2]


An imp that was accidentally born in the succubus realm. Escaped execution and fled to earth where she was accepted for who she was.


  • "Fine I love piss, I love piss in my mouth, I love piss. Is that what you want to hear? I want it… I wan a fucking have it go down my throat until I can not breath any more, I love piss. I want to shower in piss… I want to bathe in piss. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR?!?!?!"[3]

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