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This is an Indonesian name; the family name is Carina.

Carina Ai (カリーナアイ) is a Female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 25 April 2020.

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Her name reflects her personality. This comes from most Indonesians, "Carina" is a popular name for girls. This name is the most widely available in the cities of Jakarta, Sukabumi, Kediri, Magelang and Afulu. Carina in German means beautiful, clever, cheerful. Carina in Italian, meaning a loved one. While "AI" is a name taken from the abbreviation of Anime Indonesia which aims to represent Anime lovers in Indonesia. Ai in Japanese itself means love.


Carina Ai has a blue denim long hair and a bright blue sky color as her image color. She wears a white highschool uniform/Seifuku with a bright blue tie. She also wears a blue headphone and a heart ornament that match with her beauty.

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