Caroline Brown (キャロライン・ブラウン) was a female English / Japanese Virtual YouTuber, a member of WINKS. She is an American girl who aims to be a model in Japan.

On 15 March 2019, Caroline announced that she intended to continue her career as an independent VTuber due to the closing of WINKS, but then on 30 March she announced that this would unfortunately will not be the case because of circumstances beyond her control. She wishes to continue her VTuber activities but it was decided that her last stream as Caroline Brown would be on the 6th of April 2019.

Introduction Video


Caroline's 自己紹介♥️

   Caroline's Japanese introduction


Caroline's Self Intro ♥️ In English!

   Caroline's English introduction


Caroline has an upbeat personality you usually find on stereotypical Americans. She is a fun person with a bubbly attitude that would make even introverts approach her.


  • Caroline loves fighting games and card games.
  • Caroline really loves kimonos.
  • Caroline call her fans "Carolimates".

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