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catboymech is a Non-Binary Canadian English VTuber who debuted on an the 20th of October in 2019. They are a variety streamer mostly known for their art, gaming, and just chatting streams on Twitch. They are independently produced and not currently associated with any Twitch Teams.

Cat has released free assets that can be found on their website for other VTubers to use and has had their assets featured in VTube Studio

Introduction video


Mindbroken by Farts - Twitch Highlights 2

Catboymech's introduction.


“Welcome to my stream! Please call me Cat 😼 they/them preferred! I'm a digital artist from Canada who likes to stream anime art and various games. I fawn excessively over Cat Noir and other animated catboys. That's basically all you need to know about me!” -Twitch Bio

Cat has a very relaxed attitude whether they are working on art or gaming and known for laughing at their own jokes. They lose this relaxed composure, however, when playing horror games like Phasmophobia and are quite easily scared.


Cat inhabits the body of a catboy android named Pixel. Pixel has chin length pink hair and cobalt blue eyes. He notably has a matching blue tongue and mouth which has been attributed to a near constant use of Listerine. Pixel can most often be seen wearing a white and black hooded jacket with blue trim, black slacks, white gloves, and a pair of black boots.

  • Pixel MKI differs from the other two models as it sported a white suit along with a bell around his neck.
  • Pixel MKII introduced the iconic hooded jacket and Pixel MKIII was the first model to include a tail.
  • Pixel MKIII-D introduced glossy, see-through hair and a working tail.
  • Pixel MKIV introduced a new design featuring a white and black colour scheme, mechanical ears, and fluffy tail.



  • 20th of October: Cat debuted with their first avatar the Pixel MKI, an avatar designed and rigged by Cat themself.


  • 20th of June: Cat debuted their Pixel MKII, a model designed and rigged by Cat themself.
  • 20th of November: they debuted their current avatar, Pixel MKIII, that they designed and egg ! rigged with a 24 hour stream celebration of meme reviews, games, art, and more
  • 18th of November: Cat was interviewed by JohnLovesAnime. They decided that John would make a lovely catboy maid
  • 21st of November: Cat qualified to become a Twitch Partner
  • 28th of November: Cat had their first VR Stream


  • 15th of January: Cat became a Partner on Twitch!
  • 11th of February: Cat debuted their new 3D avatar the Pixel MKIII-D that they modeled and animated themself
  • 19th of May: Cat previewed a sneak peek of the new MK-IV-D model designed by themselves and modeled by KamikazE_Chan


  • Cat is living with fellow VTuber ToastTornado
  • Has an adorable friendship with Kadukununu
  • Cat has created several VTuber avatars in collaboration with their VTubers. Cat refers to these VTubers as their Model Children.

Model children in order of creation


  • Cat's fans can be found on their Discord server the cat-house
  • Fans wanting to learn art from Cat can be found on Cat's Art School Discord
  • Cat's fans are known to be quite NSFW and colorful
  • They are known for teasing Cat with memes about melons, birthdays, drinking Listerine, and Cat's poor math skills



  • Cat is the user who controls the android catboy Pixel
  • Cat is Non-Binary, but Pixel is a male android
  • The various iterations of Pixel are canon. They are referred to as MK I, II, III, IV (Pronounced "Mark One", etc)

Likes & Dislikes




  • Became a VTuber without knowing what VTubing was
  • Casual video game fan and known to spray and pray
  • Cat is a less-than-stellar cook as can be seen by their attempt at chicken nuggets
  • Dabbles in many artistic mediums including animations, visual novels, and dress up games
  • Favorite season is winter
  • Has two cats, Chi and Zelda
  • Has been drawing catboys since 2008
  • Is a fan of fellow Twitch Streamer Jerma
  • Fellow VTuber Squiddy made Cat their own song
  • Once gave control of their Twitter to her Discord. Chaos Ensued
  • Lactose Intolerant, but only with foods they don't like
  • Often forgets to hydrate while working on art
  • Jokingly re-debuted as a blade of grass