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This name is officially written using the Japanese name format; the family name is Ceres.

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Ceres Fauna is an English-language Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. She debuted in 2021 as part of hololive -Council-, the second generation of members of hololive English, alongside Tsukumo Sana, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei and Hakos Baelz.

Introduction Video


【DEBUT STREAM】Mama Nature 🌿 -hololiveEnglish -holoCouncil

Sana's introduction.


A member of the Council and the Keeper of "Nature," the second concept created by the Gods.

She has materialized in the mortal realm as a druid in a bid to save nature.

She has Kirin blood flowing in her veins, and horns that are made out of the branches of a certain tree; they are NOT deer antlers.

"Nature" refers to all organic matter on the planet except mankind.

It is long said that her whispers, as an avatar of Mother Nature, have healing properties. Whether or not that is true is something only those who have heard them can say.

While she is usually affable, warm, and slightly mischievous, any who anger her will bear the full brunt of Nature's fury.


At debut, Hakos Baelz described Fauna as a natural mama, a soothing beauty, and someone who gives the best headpats. Fans also quickly noted her striking resemblance to Yukihana Lamy in many aspects, from voice tone and motherly personality, to her overall nature motif. Fauna appears to be extremely protective of her fans and Nanashi Mumei to the point of possessiveness, and will not hesitate to switch to a more condescending tone when she encounters something unacceptable. Fauna also gets embarrassed quite easily, and uses the verbal tic "uuuu" often.[2]



Following the success of hololive English in 2020 and 2021, COVER Corporation announced auditions for a second batch of English members from 12 February to 26 March 2021.[3] Twitter accounts for the five new members were created in June 2021 and YouTube accounts created on 26 July 2021.

Teaser videos for the new generation began on the official hololive English YouTube Channel in August 2021. On 1 August, "Prelude" revealed a story of gods creating the four concepts of space, nature, time, and civilization.[4] On 14 August, "Omen" described the creation of avatars of those four concepts plus that of the primordial force of Chaos, revealing five silhouettes.[5] On 17 August, "Council" revealed the five new hololive English members and announced a grand debut scheduled for the coming weekend.[6] Although the traditional term "generation" was not officially used to refer to the new members, who had been referred to as "hololive English Generation 2" by fans, the new members nonetheless formed a group known as "-Council-".

Upon conclusion of the Council debut PV, all five new members' Twitter and YouTube accounts were revealed, and each made their first tweet.[7][8][9][10][11]

On 17 August 2021, around 24 hours after the initial announcement, Ceres Fauna reached 100,000 YouTube subscribers before her debut. However, YouTube soon removed around half of this number, possibly due to the sudden subscriber growth on a channel with no videos yet, which may have triggered a YouTube anti-bot algorithm.


Ceres Fauna's debut was scheduled on 22 August. However, the -Council- debuts were postponed for 24 hours due to unspecified technical issues,[12] which members jokingly blamed on the "EN curse," a perceived tendency for hololive English members to suffer from unexpected technical problems.[13] The debuts were rescheduled at the same time on Sunday 22 August (US/Europe time) or Monday 23 August (Japan time).[14]

Fauna's debut stream received over 92,000 viewers at its peak, and her channel had reached 100,000 subscribers by the time the stream began. She concluded by singing sweets parade from the anime Inu x Boku SS.[15]


On 29 August, Fauna reached 200,000 YouTube subscribers. She had previously reached this milestone on 23 August, but a number of subscribers had been removed by a YouTube algorithm.

On 3 September, her channel got approved for monetization.

On 26 September, her channel became open for memberships.[16]

On 10 October, Fauna reached 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

On 12 October, Fauna held her first official collaboration with another hololive member outside her generation, playing Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics with Pavolia Reine.


  • On 26 October, Anime NYC's announced that every holoCouncil member would appear in "Anime NYC."[17]

Mascots and Fans

  • Her fanbase is officially called "Saplings," as in small trees.
  • Her members are "Faunatics." This is a play on the word "fanatics" using her own name.


  • "I'm not that old! Only four and a half... four and a half billion."
  • "Nature is kind of dark and beautiful at the same time, right?"
  • "Don't worry, don't worry. I'll take good care of you. I promise. Mother Nature would never betray you... right?"



  • The name "Ceres" refers to the Ceres ancient Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility. It is also the name of a dwarf planet or large asteroid.
  • "Fauna" is an English word referring to the animals of nature. It is also a name of Roman origin, as the name of a goddess of animals, nature, spring, and fertility, and is used as a female given name.
  • Fauna considers her last name to be too formal to use in conversation. However, like Gawr Gura, Ninomae Ina'nis, Takanashi Kiara, and Nanashi Mumei, she reads her name in Eastern order, which has confused some of the JP members into calling her "Ceres-chan."


  • Fauna's age of four and a half billion years is around the age of the planet Earth, when it first coalesced from galactic dust and early life began to develop.
  • The golden apple can cure all ailments.
  • Fauna has the power to restore the entire planet Earth when it is destroyed. She has used this after Tsukumo Sana removed her size limiter and destroyed the planet.
  • Her species is a kirin. The kirin is four-legged horned mythical creature originating in Chinese mythology, where it is known as the qilin. It is said to be one of the three most powerful mythical creatures, along with the dragon and phoenix.
  • Fauna describes herself as a "druid." Originally a type of priest among Celtic cultures of ancient Britain, about which little is known, the druid was popularized by Dungeons & Dragons as a type of spellcaster with a special connection to nature, first appearing as a playable character class in Eldritch Wizardry (1976).

Likes and dislikes

  • Fauna likes animals, drawing, the kalimba, tea, co-op games, horror, and cats. She also likes peaches and it is her favorite fruit other than her golden apple.
    • She prefers animals to plants, noting that her name is Fauna, not Flora.
    • She drinks her tea hot and without milk or sugar. She enjoys peach tea.
    • She enjoys horror games, but is easily scared.
  • Fauna dislikes mushrooms as a food, grasshoppers, and elevators. She is particularlyy scared of elevators.
  • Her favorite games include "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors"; Animal Crossing, Okami, SOMA, and Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Her favorite anime are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Madoka Magica, Mob Psycho 100, Made in Abyss, Hunter x Hunter and Death Note.
  • Her favorite music include singers kiki vivi lily and satomoka, and bossa nova.
  • Her goals are to learn Japanese, learn to sing, create an original song, perform offline collabs with genmates, learn to speedrun games (including Minecraft and Mario Odyssey), and to voice act in a video game.
  • Her plans include weekly ASMR streams, community days, and game and art streams.


  • Fauna's birthday, 21 March, is International Day of Forests and the Tree.
  • Fauna has a beauty mark under her right eye, similar to Ninomae Ina'nis. Coincidentally, her first tweet was a pun, something Ina is famed for. Her first tweet, "oh deer", may refer to the antler-like tree branches in her hair.
  • Fauna's personal emoji, 🌿 (branch), was originally one of candidates for Shishiro Botan's personal emoji before being finalized.
  • Asymmetry is a feature of Fauna's appearance.
  • Fauna has two cats, a 21-year old named Clover and a 10 year old named Snail.
  • She is an admirer of hololive member Shirogane Noel.
  • She can be somewhat clumsy.
  • She shares the same illustrator as Aizawa Ema from Virtual eSports Project.

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