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Cerys Lobelia is an Indonesian female Virtual YouTuber affiliated with Yume Reality alongside Nemutaka Yuta, Nekoyama Sena and Tsuyu Hortenshia. She debuted on 18 December 2020.

Introduction Video


🐹 Perkenalan & Live Pertama Cerys Lobelia, Chinchilla Dari Angkasa!【VTuber Indonesia】

Lobelia's Introduction.


Cerys is an Indonesian Virtual Youtuber from Yume Reality. Her favorite things to do are singing, playing games and chatting with all of you ... She can also speak Indonesian and English.[1]


Cerys has a fairly mature personality, yet she is also very cheerful. She is well known by viewers for her corny sense of humor. Although she makes corny jokes, Cerys is a very honest and blunt person. She never hesitates to say whatever crosses her mind.

Cerys also has a playful side. In an unarchived karaoke stream, she started calling Yume Reality staff as well as other VTubers, asking them to sing some songs for her so that she could avoid singing. She is very eager to interact with all of her fans on stream, as well as on her social media.

Fans and Mascots

  • The fan name is Simpchilla [2] while the mascot is a hamster named Hammu.


  • Her hobby is sleeping.[2]
    • Thanks to her hobby, she is sometimes late to her own streams.
    • She did a sleep stream, and slept a full 8 hours.[3]
  • Her dream is to become a rich person.[2]
  • She doesn't enjoy spicy food and coffee.
  • Her favorite food is pasta, specifically creamy carbonara.
  • Cerys dislikes horror games.[4]
    • Ironically, her level in Phasmophobia is 207.[5]
  • She released an original song titled Bintang Tanpa Akhir.[6]

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