Civia (希薇娅) is a female Chinese VTuber associated with hololive, as part of its Chinese (CN) branch first generation of VUP (Virtual UP, since content creators in bilibili are normally nicknamed "UP" or "UP Master") alongside Yogiri and Spade Echo.

Introduction video

Lovely Unicorn's First Debut

Lovely Unicorn's First Debut

  Civia's introduction.


A unicorn who wants to bring fun and splendor to everyone. Very sensitive to minor changes in the moods of others, perhaps due to a symbol of purity.




Civia was officially announced as the second member of hololive's Chinese branch on 3 October 2019. But she made her first community post on her bilibili comunity page on 17 September.

The first video on her channel is cover of the song "アカリがやってきたぞっ" originally by GYARI on 28 October.[1] However she officially debuted on 1 November 2019.[2]


On 24 August, she announced on her Twitter account that she would open a YouTube channel but that the exact day was not decided yet.[3]

On 2 September she announced the debut date for her YouTube channel for 5 September, making her the first member of hololive China to have a YouTube channel, which was created on 3 February.[4]

On 5 September, she debuted on YouTube with an introductory stream.[5]


  • Her fanbase in English is officially called "Knights".[6]


  • She shares her character designer Fukahire with Inugami Korone of hololive GAMERS and Shellin Burgundy from Nijisanji, because of this Civia considers Korone her sister.
  • Before she started her first livestream, she posted over 450 dynamics on bilibili, which she got a nickname called "little chatter".
  • Civia is proficient in English due to studying abroad in America in the past. This has also made it possible for her to collab with Akai Haato in the past without the language barrier caused by her lack of Japanese knowledge.
    • Despite being very weak in Japanese, she has still been able to interact with members of the Japanese branch such as Shirogane Noel and Amane Kanata during bilibili streams where the members visited the hololive China's Minecraft server along with Yogiri and Doris, who are more comfortable with the language. Civia's strange messages eventually became a recurring comment spammed on her videos such as "watashi mo +1."
  • Once in Civia's morning livestream, she started sobbing when she just started her stream. Later, she explained that she missed her family and hometown, and apologized to her audiences after she stopped crying.[7]
  • She is a big fan of Minato Aqua, to the point that the main reason she joined hololive was because she liked Aqua. During her interview with hololive, as she said, 10 minutes were given to her to talk about why she wanted to join hololive, and she spent 9 minutes of it rambling about how much she liked Aqua.
  • Civia wants to have friends all over the world, experience different cultures being invited to Anime Expo, to study English and Japanese, browsing the internet and for her streams to be allowed for all ages.
  • She claims that her skills include: oversleeping and talking to much, on the other hand she can be sensitive, emotional, and prone to hitting herself with the corner of a table.[8]
  • She likes singing, reading manga, playing video games, sleeping and making fun of fans.
  • Her favorite anime include: Little Witch Academia and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
  • Her favorite manga are: Chainsaw Man, Erased, Sankarea: Undying Love and Teasing Master Takagi-san.
  • Her favorite videogames are: The Witcher 3, Cuphead, Assassin's Creed and Undertale all of them unfinished except for Undertale which she considers finished because she doesn't want to play other routes.
  • She also likes the following movies: Millennium Actress, Spies in Disguise and Chicago.

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