Ciyuan-chan (次元酱) is a Chinese virtual character created by Dreamland Maker Technology in 2016.

She is voiced by Yang Qian (杨倩).


Ciyuan started out as the mascot of the mobile game Super ACG.

On June 26, 2016, she became a new member of the Chinese idol group SS Idol, under Lianmeng Media,[1] and often appeared alongside them, be it on live performances,[2] or game promotion campaigns.[3][4]

In 2017, she officially opened her Bilibili channel, called Ciyuan-chan's Coming (酱临超次元).

Related Characters

  • Ciyuan-tan (次元碳) - Ciyuan-chan's sister.
  • Mochi (摩提) - A cat who is also a VTuber.[5]



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