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Clarra Charlone is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber. She has the second largest subscribers after Maya Putri for Indonesian native VTuber independently or outside of Hololive and Nijisanji. She uploads new video every sunday noon. Due to her appearance that too revealing, she later changed her clothes on her third video.

She's aim to be a pro gamer, so her channel is focusing on gameplays though sometimes she doing song cover and has her own original song. She's the first local vtuber that doing some collaboration with another local vtubers.

Introduction Video



Clarra's introduction.


She's a very lively girl with a bit barbaric attitude. She using a lot of local slangs and don't hesitate to saying (mild) swear words in her video or when interacting in social media. Her no-chill habit and big breasts is her charm point.

She's have some kind of alter ego named "Bu Clarra", her teacher figure type that more plain, formal, and have deeper voice than original Clarra.


  • She could imitate Shinchan's voice.
  • While she said that she love to playing games, she can't stand playing horror games. But she plays a lot in her channel ironically.
  • She address herself as "Risol Bihun", a.k.a deep fried spring roll with carrots, potatoes and glass noodle in it. The reason behind it still unknown.
  • Clarra could read poetry beautifully.
  • Clarra is up to date with trends or viral things in Indonesia and sometimes add that formula for her contents as part of her video or as a clickbait.
  • Clarra being ship with Evelyn because Evelyn gave her a box of chocolate and greeting card.
  • She has Discord channel with large fanbase there. Many local vtuber and some overseas vtuber joins.
  • She released "I Quit" video, telling that she's want to retire, but come back with all new 3D model two days after. These videos made some pro and contra between her fans. Some of them felt like being fooled and they didn't like it. But most feels it's not a big deal and keep cheering on Clarra and congratulate her for become a 3D figure.

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