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Comdost is an English Virtual Youtuber known for her drawings related to the VTuber community. Before starting her career as a VTuber, she was a freelance hentai artist[2] and started to create fan art related to the subject around December 2017.

In February 2018, after gaining some status on the threads dedicated to virtual YouTubers on 4chan by accepting drawing requests from anonymous posters, she designed a character for herself and started recording humorous videos with the requests as a subject.

She was recruited by Eilene along with Deat to work on the VTuber projects created by Eilene's company ICETEA. Nowadays, she works as the editor of Natsumi Moe's revival videos.

Introduction Video


Speed drawing Virtual youtubers Virtual comdost

  Comdost's First Video.


  • Comdost bemoans the fact the she has no money to do decent VTuber videos (she can't upgrade her computer, nor buy the most recent video games)
  • Comdost hates crypto-currencies. (As she sold his Bitcoins early before the bubble). Still, she asks for donations in this way.
  • Comdost is very protective of Moemi, and she got upset when she was asked to make an unfavorable fanart of her.
  • Comdost never wears any kind of underwear.[3]


  • Comdost's debut video as a Virtual Youtuber was basically the fulfillment of drawing requests she received from the /jp/ virtual youtubers threads. The video remains infamous and controversial as she contributed to the mockery and bullying of a poster who made a crude fanart of Mirai Akari. To this day, this video remains as a black spot on her vtuber career.
  • Comdost speaks mainly through a Text-to-Speech software. Nonetheless, in some of her live-streams, she uses her real voice with a voice changer.
  • Comdost is aided by Deroll, her grumpy assistant, during her first videos. Due to a lazy facerig conversion, Deroll resembles the Canadians on South Park in later videos.
  • Comdost is friends with several non-Japanese VTubers, such as Virtual Edgelord Deat, Mira Pink, Lucy Koumori, and Melody.
  • Deat designed for her a 3D model, which is yet to be used in her upcoming videos. A 3D model of her started to appear on Moe's videos in which she is referred by her as "Commie / Commy" (コミー) [4], her personal assistant.
  • In one of Moe's videos, Comdost is implied to be older than 25 years old as she is referred as a "Christmas Cake" [5]
  • Because of some misunderstandings and gossips, there was a rumor that she is from Venezuela, which was the source of memes and copypasta on /jp/.
  • Apart from being known as a fan of Moemi, she is also a fervent admirer of Kurumi.
  • She uses three internet browsers. Those three are Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • She is very active on and will answer almost every question asked there.
  • She doesn't know how to drive.
  • She tends to go to bed at 5 am.
  • Natsumi Moe forced Comdost to review her previous works as a hentai artist as a punishment for mocking a drawing Moe did [6]
  • Has been hanging out with Hitsuji_Mayoi
  • In recent twitter post it's been revealed she may actually be 5'6" of course this is still disputed.
  • Recently she started be friends with Russian Vtubers such as Alina Witch, Planya, and Rezo Sempai.

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