Deep Web Underground

Deep Web Underground (ディープウェブ・アンダーグラウンド) ("DWU") is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber that often deals with adult-oriented topics.

Introduction Video

【自己紹介】ディープウェブ・アンダーグラウンドですわ!【 000】

【自己紹介】ディープウェブ・アンダーグラウンドですわ!【 000】

  Deep Web Underground's introduction.



  • According to tweets, she has a problem with many people sending her pictures of (their) penises.
  • She often tweets "humans are foolish", likely related to the above.
  • She started doing a tsundere video but much of its content was a reference to / recreation of the Max Headroom parody WTTW broadcast signal pirating incident.
  • Some 4chan /jp/ anons noted how similar her voice is to Iino Yuu.
  • She indicated that an AV (Adult Video) had been made featuring Japanese erotic actress Karina Nishida in the role of DWU, having intercourse with a black man. A discussion video between both women is here.

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