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Deep Blizzard Miyuki (ディープブリザード深雪), also called "Deep Blizzard the Demon Lord of the Farthest Land", is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber.

His channel centers around art-related content, such as drawing tutorials, reviews, animated shorts, etc.

Introduction Video


魔王、現る【 01 】(最果ての魔王 ディープブリザード)

Deep Blizzard Miyuki's introduction.


Miyuki has chuunibyou-like personality, but is actually quite a friendly and has a soft heart. As seen in the second episode of his animated shorts series, he is not very good in social situations.



Miyuki's YouTube channel was created on 30 January, 2018 and his first video was uploaded a day later. His Twitter account was created in January 2018.


On 29 January, he showcased his 3D model.[2]


  • When filming in real life (such as when drawing traditionally or reviewing a product), he uses special gloves that match his avatar.[3]
  • He is capable of speaking and understanding English. He has lived in the US before and has studied English for his drawing skills.[4]

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