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Derem Kado is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber and she is a fifth wave member of Nijisanji ID, Nijisanji's Indonesian Virtual Liver branch alongside with Reza Avanluna and Nagisa Arcinia which is known as "53Renade".

A magical girl from magic academy who's looking for a magical cat in order to make a magical contract with it.

Introduction Video


( Debut ) Stream Pertama Derem Kado 【NIJISANJI ID】

Derem's introduction.


Derem has a moderate personality in terms of age. Her personality is between that of a child and an adult. Her voice, still showed her childlike self, but she handled many events quite maturely. She is a good listener. She sometimes likes to read stories from her fans patiently.



On 13 September, 2020, auditions for Nijisanji ID's fifth wave was announced.[1] On 11 November, the names of the fifth wave members were revealed, along with the times of their debuts.[2] Her YouTube channel was created on 26 Oct, 2020, but Derem made her YouTube debut on 15 November, 2020.


  • Her fans are called "Domikado".
  • When Derem ends the stream, fans say farewell by saying "otsukado".


  • Color: #F5D4DF [3]
  • She loves cats.

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